Sprott ESG Mining Risk Heat Map 2024

Mining Risk Heat Map

Not Ranked
Minimal Risk
Opportunity: Good/Strong
Low Risk
Opportunity: Acceptable
Moderate Risk
Opportunity: Acceptable
High Risk
Opportunity: Difficult, Situation Dependent
Extreme Risk
Too Difficult

Our team has ranked each country in the world from least to most risky.
The following categories were considered:

  • Equity or Debt Investment
  • Political Stability
  • Risk of Terrorism and Violence
  • Ease of Logistics
  • Ease of Personnel Movement
  • Fiscal Stability (Tax, Royalties, etc.)
  • Currency Repatriation/Convertibility
  • Transparency/Corruption
  • Legal System
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Sprott Mining Heatmap

Numeric Country Rankings

Country Avg. Ranking
Minimal Risk
Australia 1.0
Canada 1.0
Finland 1.0
New Zealand 1.1
Sweden 1.2
United States 1.2
Low Risk
Botswana 2.1
Brazil 2.3
Ireland 2.2
Namibia 1.9
Spain 2.2
United Kingdom (includes N Ireland) 2.2
Moderate Risk
Argentina 3.3
Bulgaria 3.0
Cambodia 3.4
Chile 2.6
Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast 2.6
Dominican Republic 3.3
Ecuador 3.1
Fiji 3.0
Ghana 3.0
Greenland (Denmark) 2.7
Guyana 3.0
Japan 2.6
Mexico 2.7
Peru 2.7
Philippines 3.4
Portugal 2.7
Senegal 2.9
Suriname 3.2
Turkey 3.1
High Risk
Armenia 4.4
Bolivia 3.9
Bosnia 3.7
Burkina Faso 4.0
Colombia 3.6
DR Congo 3.9
Egypt 3.6
French Guiana 4.2
Gabon 4.2
Greece 4.1
Guatemala 4.3
Guinea 3.9
Indonesia 4.3
Kazakhstan 4.4
Kenya 3.9
Laos 4.3
Mali 3.8
Mauritania 4.0
Mongolia 4.1
Morocco 3.7
Nicaragua 3.8
Papua New Guinea 4.0
Romania 4.3
Saudi Arabia 4.3
Serbia 3.8
South Africa 3.8
Tanzania 3.9
Thailand 4.2
Vietnam 3.9
Zambia 3.9
Extreme Risk
China 4.7
Eritrea 4.7
Ethiopia 4.8
Iran 5.0
Kyrgyzstan 5.0
Liberia 4.8
Mozambique 4.8
Nigeria 5.0
Panama 4.6
Russian Federation 4.8
Sudan 4.9
Uzbekistan 4.8
Venezuela 5.0
Zimbabwe 4.6

Sprott Contributors: Sprott Gold Team.

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