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Gold Bars

Gold Education Center

Gold is one of the oldest assets in existence. From its use as a currency in ancient times to its investment use and utility today, gold has always served as a store of value.

Why Own Gold Brochure

Brochure – Reasons to Own Gold
This brochure explores gold’s unique investment characteristics and explains why investors should strongly consider the yellow metal as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

How Much Gold Should I Own in My Portfolio?

How Much Gold Should I Own in My Portfolio?
One of the questions most frequently asked by investors is, “How much gold exposure should I have in my portfolio?” We help answer this important question.
Gold Provides Protection
Chart – Gold Has Been a Safe Haven During Economic and Political Instability
The current geopolitical and economic crisis began in early 2022 with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and has continued into 2023. As with past crises, gold provided a safe haven investment compared to more traditional asset classes.
The Best Way to Own Precious Metals?
Brochure What's the Best Way to Own Precious Metals?
Precious metals have been a store of wealth for millennia. Owning coins, bars or jewelry used to be the only option to invest in gold, silver, platinum or palladium, but today’s investors have a number of alternatives.
Gold Market Primer
World Gold Council: Gold Market Primer 2023
The World Gold Council provides an overview of the size of the gold market. 
Did you know? The physical financial gold market (made up of bars, coins, gold ETFs and central bank reserves) is worth nearly US$5T, almost 40% of the total $12T gold market. 
Gold: A Journey with Idris Alba (Season 2)
WGC Video Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba (Season 2)
Watch the World Gold Council's second immersive documentary series. Join Idris Elba on a global journey that traces the human story of gold — and discover why the element’s contributions remain crucial to our evolution.

John Hathaway, CFA

Managing Director, Sprott Inc.; Senior Portfolio Manager, Sprott Asset Management USA

John Hathaway“Gold is a hedge against systemic risks, including inflation, deflation, monetary regime change, or just the plain monetary malpractice that seems prevalent now, consequences still to be determined.”

Silver Bars

Silver Education Center

Silver is an attractive store of value that stands to benefit from major technological shifts in the "Green Economy."

Silver Report
Silver Report: Silver's Critical Role in the Clean Energy Transition
Silver is a critical player in the global shift toward cleaner energy. Solar panels and EVs, both essential for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, rely heavily on silver. Other new technologies, including AI, have also sparked demand for silver, while overall silver supply has declined. This dynamic is likely to provide support for silver bullion prices and silver-focused miners.
10 Reasons to Own Silver
Brochure – Reasons to Own Silver
This brochure explores silver's unique investment characteristics and explains why investors should strongly consider the white metal as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

Report – World Silver Survey 2024
The strength of silver’s fundamentals in 2023 was especially fueled by strong gains in photovoltaic technology. 
Podcast E26 – Silver Can Do It!
Podcast  – Don't Forget About Silver!
As silver comes back into the spotlight, we’ve got the right person to give us a timely refresher. Sprott Senior Portfolio Manager Maria Smirnova joins Ed for an update on silver and its growth as an industrial metal.

Maria Smirnova, CFA

Managing Director, Sprott Inc.; Senior Portfolio Manager & Chief Investment Officer, Sprott Asset Management

Maria Smirnova“Silver is an interesting beast because it’s not quite like gold, which mostly serves as a monetary/investment vehicle. Silver has two primary functions... industrial uses comprise half of the silver demand and investment uses claim the other half, including coins and bars, jewelry and silverware. Both sides of this story are quite positive for silver.”

Platinum Bars

Platinum and Palladium Education Center

The supply-demand dynamics for platinum and palladium are intertwined, as these metals are often co-byproducts in the same mining location. Each often substitutes for the other in several industrial applications, including automotive catalytic converters.

Sprott Video - Platinum: The Rarest of Precious Metals
Video – Platinum: The Rarest Precious Metal
Platinum is a metal that represents power and prestige. Platinum is a key element in catalytic converters for vehicles, as a catalyst in the chemical industry and even in the creation of life saving anti-cancer drugs.
Podcast E26 – Silver Can Do It!
Podcast S1 E4 Platinum and Palladium Explained
Ed Coyne and Shree Kargutkar provide an update on the PGM group metals: platinum and palladium. They cover supply-demand dynamics, geopolitical challenges for miners and platinum's role in fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).
Platinum Introduction
Report – WPIC: Platinum 101 An Introduction for Investors
Platinum benefits from being both an industrial and precious metal, 30 times rarer than gold. Many of platinum’s varied applications provide solutions highly relevant to global challenges.
3.	Pandemic Provides Catalyst for Higher Platinum Prices
Report – Pandemic Provides Catalyst for Higher Platinum Prices
There is growing interest among investors for platinum's role as a store of value. We examine how the global pandemic has impacted platinum supply and demand, and offer our bullish outlook.

Shree Kargutkar, CFA

Managing Director, Sprott Inc.; Senior Portfolio Manager, Sprott Asset Management, LP

Shree Kargutkar"The supply of both platinum and palladium is rather steady, with both amounting to approximately 250-280 tonnes every year. While most platinum (~90%) is produced in the South African region (including Zimbabwe), a large supply of palladium comes from Russia (29%) and South Africa (27%) and is generally mined as a by-product of nickel mines in Russia and platinum mines in South Africa.”


Uranium Education Center

Nuclear power is the largest source of clean energy in the U.S. and is created through "fission", which involves the splitting of uranium atoms.1

Educational Video - Nuclear Waste: Dispelling Myths and Fears
Nuclear waste is not something to be feared. The care with which it is handled and stored contributes to the fact that nuclear power is one of the safest forms of baseload energy generation known to humanity. In this video, we dispel the many fears and concerns about spent nuclear fuel. 

Per Jander

Video – Uranium Market Outlook 2024
Per Jander, WMC, Director, Nuclear Fuel and Investor Services, expresses optimism for the uranium market, emphasizing strong demand, ongoing long-term contracting discussions and potential supply disruptions as factors that my boost price increases in 2024.

Uranium Update

Podcast - How to Save a Nuclear Power Plant

Heather Hoff joins host Ed Coyne to discuss her career at Diablo Canyon Power Plant and how her organization Mothers for Nuclear contributed to saving the facility.

Infographic – The Global Uranium Market in 3 Charts

Infographic – The Global Uranium Market in 3 Charts
The uranium market is experiencing increased demand, driven by its integral role in clean energy generation through its use in nuclear power.


White Paper – Unearthing Opportunity: Uranium Miners and the Global Clean Energy Transition
A new wave of technological changes geared towards higher energy efficiency is underway. We believe that nuclear energy and uranium miners are poised to benefit from this shift.
Smashing Atoms
Infographic – Smashing Atoms: The History of Uranium and Nuclear Power
The transition to clean energy requires sustainable and zero-carbon energy sources. Nuclear power offers a clean energy solution powered by uranium.
Infographic – Uranium: A Key Element to Achieve a Net-Zero Carbon Future
As one of the cleanest and most powerful sources of energy, nuclear power could play a key role in helping countries achieve decarbonization goals in the fight against climate change.


Diagram – Ranked: Nuclear Power Production, by Country
Nearly 450 reactors around the world supply various nations with nuclear power, combining for about 10% of the world’s electricity, or about 4% of the global energy mix.

Looking for more uranium resources?

John Ciampaglia, CFA, FCSI

Senior Managing Director, Sprott Inc.; Chief Executive Officer, Sprott Asset Management

John Ciampaglia, CFA SprottNuclear radiation exposure is minimal compared to the many sources of radiation we could come across in our daily lives. ~80% of an average person’s annual radiation exposure comes from natural sources, such as sunlight, soil and water, while ~18% comes from man-made sources such as computers, cell phones and x-rays. Less than only 1% comes from the nuclear industry, including uranium exploration and mining.

1 Source: U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy. "Clean energy", per the U.S. Department of Energy, is defined as energy from these sources: including solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy & nuclear. Please visit for more details.


Energy Transition Education Center

Infographic - 9 Critical Energy Minerals for Investors

Infographic - 9 Critical Energy Minerals for Investors
Low-carbon energy technologies are driving increasing demand for minerals critical to the energy transition.
White Paper – A New Era: How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition
White Paper - A New Era: How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition
Critical minerals are essential for the global energy transition as we gradually phase out CO2-intensive energy sources with cleaner sources, including nuclear, solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy and greater use of electric vehicles (EVs).

Educational Video - Nickel: A Battery Metal Powering the EV Revolution

Educational Video - Nickel: A Battery Metal Powering the EV Revolution
Nickel is essential for the batteries used in EVs, which are becoming more popular as vehicle manufacturers and consumers embrace the EV revolution and countries add incentives or build in legislation supporting their adoption.
Lithium Video
Educational Video - Lithium: Driving the EV Revolution Forward
EVs are essential to the world’s efforts to reach aggressive net-zero carbon emissions goals. Lithium-ion batteries are needed for the EV revolution, making lithium a much sought-after mineral, with demand expected to increase. Both lithium and the companies that extract and produce it could provide attractive investment opportunities.
Uranium Update
Podcast - Battery Metals Deep Dive
Daisy Jennings-Gray from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence joins host Ed Coyne for a deep dive into today’s battery metals markets.
Special Report: Electric Vehicles and the Growing Opportunity for Lithium Miners
Special Report - Electric Vehicles and the Growing Opportunity for Lithium Miners
Electric vehicle (EV) adoption has surged in recent years, creating unprecedented demand for lithium, a critical component of EV batteries.


Copper Education Center

Copper White Paper
White Paper - Copper: The Red Metal's Central Role in Powering Our Net-Zero Carbon Future

In the U.S. alone, copper is a crucial element in nearly 7 million miles of electrical transmission and distribution wires. This white paper introduces the trends that are driving copper markets and copper miners, and explains our positive outlook for growth.

Copper Video
Educational Video - Copper: The Essential Power Player in the Energy Transition
Learn about this critical mineral, its uses and how copper miners may be well positioned to benefit from increased investment in the low-carbon and renewable energy sector.

Infographic - The Copper Opportunity in One Chart

As the world embraces clean technologies, the search for and expansion of copper mines will be essential. Early investors who gain exposure to copper mines may benefit from the rapidly increasing demand.

Copper: Wired for the Future
Copper: Wired for the Future
The demand for copper in energy grids, electric vehicles and clean energy technologies, combined with diminishing ore grades and limited inventories, underscores copper's growing importance. We believe copper prices and miners are likely to benefit from the growing supply-demand gap.
Podcast: Copper
Podcast - Hello Copper!
Host Ed Coyne is joined by Nick Pickens from Wood Mackenzie to discuss copper in 2023. From building wire to energy transition and the trilemma in the energy industry, copper is at the center of it all.

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