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Financial Reports


6/30/2022 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2022 First Quarter Report
3/22/2022 Management Information Circular


12/31/2021 Annual Report
12/31/2021 Annual Information Form
9/30/2021 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2021 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2021 First Quarter Report
3/22/2021 Management Information Circular


12/31/2020 Annual Report
12/31/2020 Annual Information Form
9/30/2020 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2020 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2020 First Quarter Report
3/18/2020 Management Information Circular


12/31/2019 Annual Report
12/31/2019 Annual Information Form
9/30/2019 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2019 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2019 First Quarter Report
3/20/2019 Management Information Circular


12/31/2018 Annual Report
12/31/2018 Annual Information Form
9/30/2018 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2018 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2018 First Quarter Report
3/23/2018 Management Information Circular


12/31/2017 Annual Report
12/31/2017 Annual Information Form
9/30/2017 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2017 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2017 First Quarter Report
3/23/2017 Management Information Circular


12/31/2016 Annual Report
12/31/2016 Annual Information Form
9/30/2016 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2016 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2016 First Quarter Report
3/28/2016 Management Information Circular


12/31/2015 Annual Report
12/31/2015 Annual Information Form
9/30/2015 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2015 Second Quarter Report
3/31/2015 First Quarter Report
3/23/2015 Management Information Circular


12/31/2014 Annual Report
12/31/2014 Annual Information Form
9/30/2014 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2014 Second Quarter Report
4/7/2014 Management Information Circular
3/31/2014 First Quarter Report


12/31/2013 Annual Report
12/31/2013 Annual Information Form
9/30/2013 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2013 Second Quarter Report
4/4/2013 Management Information Circular
3/31/2013 First Quarter Report


12/31/2012 Annual Report
12/31/2012 Annual Information Form
9/30/2012 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2012 Second Quarter Report
4/16/2012 Management Information Circular
3/31/2012 First Quarter Report


12/31/2011 Annual Report
12/31/2011 Annual Information Form
9/30/2011 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2011 Second Quarter Report
6/2/2011 Management Information Circular
3/31/2011 First Quarter Report


12/31/2010 Annual Report
12/31/2010 Annual Information Form
9/30/2010 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2010 Second Quarter Report
5/12/2010 Management Information Circular
3/31/2010 First Quarter Report


12/31/2009 Annual Report
12/31/2009 Annual Information Form
9/30/2009 Third Quarter Report
6/30/2009 Second Quarter Report
5/7/2009 Management Information Circular
3/31/2009 First Quarter Report


12/31/2008 Annual Report
12/31/2008 Annual Information Form



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