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Gold is the ‘real bitcoin’: Trader sees new highs ahead for the metal

“I guess gold is the real bitcoin,” Schlossberg joked on CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. “Ultimately I think what’s happening is the market is taking implicit bets that inflation is starting to pick itself back up, and I think there’s a really good reason why the market thinks so.”

Gold And Silver Miners Are Surging

The rising precious metals prices since March have buoyed the mining sector, which have begun to see sharp upward ticks across many popular mining funds. We will look at several of them to get an idea of the returns investors have had over the last couple of months.

From Reflecting to Projecting
This ETF Provides An Excellent Portfolio Hedge Now

There are a number of great ways to hedge one’s portfolio. Among them is one method I’ve been very vocal for a long time. Gold has value as a portfolio hedge over the long term. Deciding exactly how to initiate a gold position is a key question many investors have.

Gold Drives Toward Highest Since 2012 on Virus Resurgence Concern

Gold edged toward the highest since 2012, supported by concerns over a second wave of coronavirus infections and China’s move to tighten oversight of Hong Kong.

Sub-Zero Landmark Spells Summer Heatwave for Gold

Ending a sleepy summer week, traders managed to reach a major landmark. The 10-year real yield (as shown by Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, or TIPS, and which can also be expressed as the nominal yield with the breakeven rate of inflation subtracted) dropped to a new low for the year. At below -0.6%, it was also a fresh nadir since the so-called taper tantrum of 2013.

World's ultra-wealthy go for gold amid stimulus bonanza

As stock markets roar back from the coronavirus-led rout, advisers to the world’s wealthy are urging them to hold more gold, questioning the strength of the rally and the long-term impact of global central banks’ cash splurge.

Consumer Trends Bode Well for Silver

Silver has been on the move since April, although it is still playing catch up to gold in this year’s precious metals rally. We identify four long-term consumer-driven trends that are positively driving demand for silver, including solar energy, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), 5G cellular connectivity and antimicrobial applications.

We take a long-term view on gold: Sprott CEO

Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott discusses the positive environment for gold and gold equities, following the Fed's dovish interest rate outlook at its June 10 FOMC meeting. 

Now is the time to get aggressive in gold as Fed keeps rates at 0% until 2022 – Sprott CEO

The Federal Reserve is not looking to raise interest rates from its zero-bound target for the next two years and according to Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc., this is now the time for investors to be aggressive in the gold market.

Pandemic Playbook with Economist David Rosenberg

Economist David Rosenberg believes that investing in a post-pandemic world is shifting our focus from what we want to what we need. Households and businesses are reassessing the importance of savings, liquidity and balance sheet health. Gold has been a "winner" during this crisis.

PSLV: The Best Fund To Prepare For Inflation

In the 20th century, the range has changed so that one ounce of gold trades for about fifty to eighty ounces of silver. As of the time of writing, it takes 97.20 ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold. Thus, silver appears to be historically cheap relative to gold.

These seven charts show exactly why you must own gold today

Covid-19 is accelerating many trends that were already in existence. The rising gold price is one such trend. These seven charts, says Dominic Frisby, reveal why gold could soon “go bananas”.

The New Normal

After a tumultuous past few months, every asset class appears to be normalizing, including gold bullion. Gold posted steady gains in May with a 2.6% increase. Gold is up 14.04% YTD through May 31, 2020, and 32.54% YOY. At the same time, gold mining equities (SGDM) have gained 18.26% YTD, and 61.70% YOY as of May 31.

"This Is The Perfect Environment For Gold To Take Center-Stage"

The price of gold peaked at $1,900 an ounce in September 2011. Nine years and many radical monetary-policy experiments later, it trades at $1,702. That it ought to move higher, and will move higher, is the theme of this analysis.

5 Sector ETFs at the Forefront of the Small-Cap Rally

In a broad market rally this month driven by optimism over a potential coronavirus vaccine, the reopening of the economy and a massive stimulus, small-cap stocks have outperformed. This is especially true as the Russell 2000 Index has risen nearly 7% in a month compared with a gain of 4% for the S&P 500.

5 ETFs Up More Than 20% in Three Months

Wall Street has been performing impressively with the major indices climbing to a 12-week high. The rally was mainly powered by optimism over a potential coronavirus vaccine as well as an uptick in the economic activities as lockdown measures loosen. Notably, the S&P 500 is up 38.2% from the March lows while the Dow Jones has gained 28.3%.

Incrementum Report: The Dawning of a Golden Decade

This year’s 14th edition of our In Gold We Trust report, titled “The Dawning of a Golden Decade”, is being published at the opening of a new decade. As the last decade draws to a close, gold has once again demonstrated its sensitive seventh sense and alerted the keen observer that the general situation in the financial markets is about to change fundamentally.2

Six Reasons to Own Gold Equities Now

Gold miners have climbed steadily, following the positive path we predicted back in November 2019. As of April 30, 2020, gold mining stocks were up 13.81% YTD and 58.67% YOY, compared to -12.36% YTD and -7.91% YOY for the S&P 500 Index. In our view, gold mining equities still have a great deal of upside to offer, given that historically gold stocks tend to outperform the metal during gold bull markets (2-3x).

Gold Prices Could Hit a Record High by Year End. Just Don’t Expect an Easy Ride.

The most significant supportive factor for gold is the “amount of debt being created to fund the various global monetary and fiscal deficits,” says Peter Grosskopf, chief executive officer at Sprott Inc.

Sprott Is Perfectly Positioned For The Current Environment

The stock is still underappreciated given the growth we have seen and what I expect we will continue to see going forward. Sprott has made a couple of strategic acquisitions over the last few years, and divested a significant part of the non-precious metals assets, which has positioned them perfectly for the current environment.

3 Gold Miners ETFs Your Probably Don't Know About, But Should Get To Know

Gold is one of this year's best performing commodities and that's a theme that could extend as exchange traded fund demand swells and as central banks debase currencies.

Changing Monetary Places

Jim Grant in his May 15 Interest Rate Observer discusses gold mining equities with Senior Portfolio Manager John Hathaway, who opines: “Gold shares, in relation to bullion, are the cheapest they’ve been in his 20 years. What astonishes me—I’m an old value investor—is that so many companies are generating free cash flow, and it is not hard to find companies with free cash flow yields of 10% or better.”

Pandemic Bills Are So Big That Only Money-Printing Can Pay Them

Forced into record spending by the threat of another Great Depression, policy makers are blurring the lines between borrowing the money they need and simply creating it.

ETFs With the Best Three-Month Returns
Investing in a Crisis

Sprott President Whitney George discusses how he applies his "value" investing approach during this crisis with John Heins, President and Editor-in-Chief of Value Investor Insight. 

Barrick CEO says there’s rising demand for gold as a ‘self-funded insurance policy’ in a global crisis

As gold prices climb back towards their all-time highs, Barrick Gold CEO Mark Bristow sees his industry providing certainty during an uncertain crisis.

Gold Stocks Take Flight

Gold equities broke out of a multi-year resistance level on massive buying flows in April. Gold miners may be experiencing disruptions due to COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, but they stand to benefit from a rising gold price. Gold bullion is up +11% YTD and +31% year-over-year (through April 30, 2020). 

Gold has ‘growing potential’ to break $1,800 an ounce, says UBS

Gold prices could “break the highs” seen earlier this year, after declining in March along with assets across the board, according to UBS Investment Bank’s Joni Teves.

Gold Bars Fight Covid Kits for Space on the Plane

Swiss refiner Valcambi SA tried for five straight days last month to move a shipment of gold out of Hong Kong. Twice the metal was packed carefully onto a plane, only to be offloaded again.

A Message from the CEO: The New Era

CEO Peter Grosskopf: "We propose that gold is not only a financial hedge to government monetary and fiscal policies, but it is also a mandatory portfolio and household diversification asset....Gold is first and foremost, a store of value. We believe there is fundamental support for a qualified currency to exist outside of government-led debasement. Gold is more legitimate and efficient than any other alternative currency."

Gold’s Rally Deserves Canadian Investors’ Attention, CIBC Says

Gold’s bullish run after the 2008 financial crisis seems to be repeating itself and can no longer be ignored by Canadian generalist investors, CIBC said in a note.

John Hathaway: if you think gold price will hit new highs, just watch what gold miners will do

“If gold is not correctly priced for what has transpired and what lies ahead, gold mining stocks are even more inappropriately priced,” Hathaway said in a recent Sprott report.

World Silver Survey 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has already had a profound impact on silver supply, demand and prices, something we expect will continue for some months to come.

3 Winning Strategies to Invest in Gold During This Market Crash

Don’t be fooled by the massive upside swings we’ve had in recent weeks, interspersed between serious daily declines, as evidence we’ve “bottomed.” I really don’t think we’ll see a true bottom until the end of this year (at the earliest) or 2021 (more likely).

Why people consider gold to be a ‘safe haven’ in crises like the coronavirus

“Gold is a way of going long on fear,” renowned investor Warren Buffett once said. The Berkshire Hathaway CEO explained that if people “become more afraid, you make money, if they become less afraid you lose money, but the gold itself doesn’t produce anything.”

The Fed Is Buying $41 Billion of Assets Daily and It’s Not Alone

Central-bank balance sheets are expanding to record levels amid their latest buying spree, raising questions about how big they can get and whether those assets can ever be sold back to markets.

Sprott Can’t Keep Up With Demand as Turmoil Spurs Gold Rush

Investors are rushing to put their money into gold as the coronavirus pandemic roils markets worldwide, with one asset manager reporting demand dwarfs the spike seen during the last financial crisis.

Sprott Gold Report: Secular Gold Bull Resumes with Force

John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager: "Gold is on the cusp of breaking out to all-time highs in U.S. dollars and has already done so in virtually every other currency. Gold mining stocks continue to lag the metal and, in our opinion, represent a compelling investment opportunity. The COVID-19 pandemic panic was merely the black swan that punctured a financial market asset bubble that took almost a decade to inflate."

3 Winning Strategies to Invest in Gold During This Market Crash

There is now an ETF out there that allows investors to benefit from owning physical gold without having to incur the headaches and costs of insurance and storage. These costs are baked into the MER of the ETF.

'Gold is vastly exceeding any current demand and supply': Sprott CEO

Gold shares sank 2% after President Trump revealed a three-phase plan to reopen businesses. Sprott CEO Peter Grosskopf joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move to discuss the state of precious metals amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Silver Outlook is Bullish

The silver market is in the throes of several changing trends as the COVID-19 pandemic upends the global economy. When the dust settles, we see a bullish case for silver prices, as investment demand ticks upward while supply constraints linger.

Gold Giant Newmont Says Metal Could Top $2,000 on Virus Stimulus

Gold could top $2,000 an ounce and will remain elevated over the next five years as the global economy contends with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the head of Newmont Corp., the world’s top miner of the precious metal.

U.S. Mint halts coin output just as investors demand more

The clamor for retail investors to get hold of precious-metals coins is about to get more urgent. The U.S. Mint said Wednesday it’s temporally halting production at its West Point facility in New York because of the risk to employees from the coronavirus. The site makes gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins which are sold through a network of distributors.The shutdown comes as convulsive swings in financial markets spur a surge in demand among retail investors for precious metals as haven assets.

The ‘wind is very likely in gold’s sails’ as it hits a seven-year high

“I think it’s important to say now that the wind is very likely in gold’s sails,” Rick Rule, president and CEO of Sprott, a U.S. investment manager specializing in precious metals, said in a note to investors Thursday, suggesting that the macro factors strongly favor gold.

Gold climbs to seven-year high as stimulus parade fuels bullion

Gold hit a new seven-year high Monday, with bullion stocks moving sharply higher as U.S. futures briefly topped US$1,770 per ounce.

Focus: A Gold price rally to $2,000 would not be a surprise - Sprott's Grosskopf

Gold prices have pushed to nearly an eight-year high, and this is only the start as investors should keep an eye on the precious metal's long-term outlook, according to one gold fund executive.

Gold Prices Could Be Heading for a Record. Why the Precious Metal Is Still a Haven.

Gold’s performance in the weeks since Covid-19 became a pandemic has been anything but stellar. Prices were volatile, briefly turning lower for the year before climbing to their highest level since late 2012.

Gold ends at highest since October 2012 as dollar declines on the back of the Fed’s new lending plans

Gold futures rallied to settle at their highest level in seven-and-a-half years on Thursday, getting a boost as the U.S. dollar declined on the back of the Federal Reserve’s new lending plans which aim to support the hit to the economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

An Investor's Primer on Gold

Rick Rule, President & CEO, Sprott U.S. Holdings provides a timely primer on gold's place in investor portfolios: "I think it’s important to say that the wind is very likely in gold’s sails. The macro set of circumstances strongly favors gold."

March Roars in Like a Lion

The need for a safe haven asset like gold, that represents a store of value during crises has never been greater.

How and Why Should You Invest in Gold Amid the Market Crash?

The coronavirus outbreak has not spared anyone. It’s not just growth stocks; defensive stocks such as utilities and consumer staples have also been equally weak in the last few months. However, in my view, the last reliable resort to take shelter in these uncertain times is the traditional safe haven: gold.

Gold Sees Best Week in 11 Years: 5 ETF & Stock Winners

The coronavirus outbreak has been playing foul on Wall Street over the past month, sending broad indices into a tailspin, thus raising the appeal for gold, which is considered a great store of value and hedge against market turmoil. Notably, gold price jumped nearly 9.5% last week, representing the biggest weekly rise since September 2008.

Go For Physical: A Closer Look At Sprott Metal Funds

It is one thing to be a physically-backed metal fund and another to be a redeemable physically-backed one. Because physical metal is trading at such a premium today, this is a huge added benefit to Sprott funds over other ETFs.

Gold Continues to Prove its Safe Haven Status

Jason Mayer, Senior Portfolio Manager, recaps the past two weeks: "We were not surprised by the recent selloff in gold bullion and precious metal equities.

‘There is no gold.’ Bullion dealers sell out in panic buying

If you think gold GC00, 0.594% has jumped about 10% in a couple of days to $1,638 an ounce, the official price quoted on Wall Street, think again. The real price? Nearer $1,800. If you can get it. “There’s no gold,” says Josh Strauss, partner at money manager Pekin Hardy Strauss in Chicago (and a bullion fan). “There’s no gold. There’s roughly a 10% premium to purchase physical gold for delivery. Usually it’s like 2%. I can buy a one ounce American Eagle for $1,800,” said Josh Strauss. “$1,800!”

The Gold Market Is Being Tested Like Never Before

From South Africa’s ultra-deep mine shafts to vaults underneath London, from metals traders in New York skyscrapers to main-street sellers of coins: the global gold market is being tested like never before. The cracks are starting to show. Worldwide panic over the coronavirus outbreak and a flood of stimulus by central banks has ignited demand for one of humanity’s oldest methods of storing wealth.

World’s Rich ‘Desperate’ for Gold With Metal in Short Supply

Ludwig Karl is stuck at home, worried about his elderly relatives. All the while his business is booming. He’s a board member of Swiss Gold Safe Ltd., an operator of high-security vaults in the Alps that’s storing growing sums of precious metals for wealthy foreigners as the Covid-19 pandemic worsens. The company usually helps customers buy gold, but governments have closed scores of businesses amid the crisis, making it increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on the physical product.

A Paradigm Shift

Whitney George reflects on markets and the COVID-19 crisis: "We are in a paradigm shift right now, one that may have taken us all a bit by surprise. I expect that central banks will shortly provide the liquidity required to settle the markets, an accomplishment that will be very favorable to gold."

Fed move awakens gold, just as supply of the metal hits a snag

Gold’s one-day dollar surge is one for the record books. But as bullion deliveries hit a snag and mining operations slow, the precious metal may soon see prices rally to new heights.

Buy Gold ‘Right Here and Now,’ Top Wealth Manager Says

Now’s the time to buy gold, according to one of the world’s leading wealth managers, which flagged bullion’s prospects after the haven lost out to the dollar in recent weeks as the pandemic roils markets.

Point of No Return

We think gold has been sensing the endgame for Keynesian policy prescriptions, mainstream economic thinking and hyper-leveraged investment practices....At the moment, mining company valuations appear extraordinarily cheap. It is one of the few industries that will report solid year-over-year earnings gains for the remainder of this year and perhaps into the next. Buying low is never easy but now is the time to do it.

COVID-19 Message from Sprott CEO

"As events unfold, it is vital that we communicate what Sprott is doing as we navigate the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. We remain committed to our employees and clients throughout this challenging period. We have weathered many such periods in the past, and we are confident that our depth of experience and dedication will see us through."

Gold Investors Cash in Gains to Cover Massive Losses in Equities

The massive sell-off in equities is forcing investors to cash in gains in gold to cover losses in the stock market. The precious metal was poised for its biggest weekly gain in the futures market since 2008 before prices fell Friday. The S&P 500 pushed its two-day rout to about 5%, while sovereign bonds signaled the world is in crisis mode as policy makers struggle to contain the economic fallout from the coronavirus.

Gold Prices Are Surging. Why the Rally Is Just Getting Started.

“The flows into gold are just getting started,” says Peter Grosskopf, Sprott CEO. “Gold is now being seen as mandatory portfolio insurance and not a fringe asset." Grosskopf says the growing demand and chart patterns point to gold hitting $2,000 an ounce. He argues that the Fed’s rate action [lowering rates by 50 basis points] failed to lift stocks Tuesday because financial markets have entered a “vicious cycle.”

Gold Retains its Safe-Haven Status

Some commentators have been asking the question if gold is the great safe-haven that it’s made out to be, then why have we seen the price falls that we’ve witnessed over recent days? To answer that question, let’s firstly take a look at the performance of spot gold over the past 12 months.

Gold's Swoon Echoes Financial Crisis Blip

In times of coronavirus panic, even havens can be unreliable. Gold closed off February on a tarnished note, ending last week with its steepest daily decline since 2013. As financial markets panicked over the spread of the pneumonia-like illness, stocks tumbled and dragged gold and other precious metals lower.

Special Gold Update: Systemic Risks Exposed

John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager: "Last week’s selloff created an extraordinary buying opportunity. We believe that even a small, incremental increase in investor focus and capital flows will drive the low valuations of precious metals mining shares considerably higher."

History Shows Gold’s Rally May Only Just Be Getting Started

Even with gold at seven-year highs, there’s still room for more gains if history is anything to go by. Prices have surged this year as haven-seeking investors pour in. Markets have been shaken by worries that the coronavirus outbreak will cripple global growth, coupled with expectations for looser monetary policy around the world. Assets in bullion-backed exchange-traded funds are at the highest ever and money managers are holding a near-record bullish bet.

Looking to $2,000 gold price: Coronavirus is the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ — Sprott CEO

The coronavirus was the shock that gold was waiting for before moving to higher levels with charts now pointing to an eventual breach of $2,000 an ounce, according to Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc.

Perfect Storm for Silver (Part 2 of 3)

Part two of the Silver Series outlines some of the key supply and demand indicators that precede a coming gold-silver cycle in which the price of silver could move upwards.

Gold 2020: The Rally Continues

Ed Coyne, Sprott Senior Managing Director, joins financial journalist Liz Claman to review gold's bold move in 2019. Coyne shares Sprott's 2020 outlook for gold bullion and gold equities, and explains that attitudes are shifting: Investors have traditionally invested in gold as a complement equity portfolios, but now view the yellow metal as an alternative to cash and bonds.

Sprott’s 20/20 Vision on Gold & Gold Stocks

Gold began to shine in 2019 and continues to climb in 2020. We believe we are in the early stages of this gold rally, and discuss our bullish 2020 outlook and explain why investor interest in gold and gold stocks will likely continue to grow.

Q&A with Maria Smirnova

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, provides insightful answers in Assay’s recent Q&A: “We have been gold and silver bulls for a long time. Our belief in the metals stems from their value as hard assets and financial asset diversifiers. We see rising deficits and higher debt levels around the world, and we see central banks globally having expansionary monetary policies. I call it a ‘race to the bottom.’”.

Palladium hits record high; 'madness' continues in tight market

Palladium prices continued their relentless charge uphill Wednesday, shattering their old record high in a market that remains tight due to strong auto-related demand, analysts said.

Gold on track for highest close in 7 years as investors hedge stock market highs and virus fears

Having surpassed the key $1,600 mark, gold prices were flirting with a seven-year high on Wednesday, as investors continue to shore up their positions amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Global Silver Market Forecast to Shine in 2020

The Silver Institute believes that macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions will remain broadly supportive for precious metals, encouraging investors to stay net buyers of silver overall, a development that should lift silver prices higher this year. Additionally, we see continued growth in physical silver investment, and forecast silver’s use as an industrial metal will rise in 2020.

JPMorgan’s Role in Metals Spoofing Is Under U.S. Criminal Probe

U.S. authorities that accused six JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees of rigging precious-metals futures are building a criminal case against the bank itself, two people familiar with the situation said.

Is There A Place Place for gold Equities in a Gold Allocation

This is a revised version of the speech delivered by James at the annual LBMA/ LPPM Precious Metals Conference in Shenzhen, 13-15 October, 2019.

Is there a Place for Gold Equities in a Gold Allocation?

My presentation asks the question: is there a place for gold equities in a gold allocation? The reason I have posed this question is because, in absolute terms and, particularly disappointingly, relative to the gold price, investors have had very difficult experiences holding gold equities over the last 10 or even 20 years.

Geopolitical tensions to burnish gold’s allure in 2020

Gold is poised to perform strongly in 2020, with geopolitical risk set to remain elevated, metals and mining research and consultancy group Wood Mackenzie said Tuesday. Miners are set to enjoy bumper margins and the trade-off between investing for the long-term and returning money to shareholders will be acutely apparent. 

Three defensive plays are telling a different story about the bull market run

Stocks have returned to rally mode, but three defensive plays could be undermining the bull case. Treasurys, utilities and gold — typically safe havens — have surged this month and outperformed the S&P 500.

Palladium to remain strong despite added Nornickel supply - analysts

Palladium prices are likely to remain strong despite news that Russian producer Norilsk Nickel will release three metric tons of palladium ingots from its stockpiles, traders and analysts said.

Sprott Gold Report: No Way Out

John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager: "Going forward, unless the Fed continues to expand its balance sheet, it risks a meltdown in equity and bond prices that could exceed the damage of the 2008 global financial crisis....With continued advances in gold prices in 2020, the return potential for gold mining shares — the still unloved orphans and pariahs of the investment universe — should prove to be very compelling."

4 Sector ETFs Unaffected by Coronavirus Outbreak

The fast-spreading coronavirus has affected most corners of the broad market. In particular, airlines, casinos, cruise lines and leisure companies have been hit hard....However, a few still stood tall amid the turmoil....Gold stocks jumped on rise in gold price, which is often viewed as a store of value and a hedge against market turmoil....We have highlighted one ETF [that is] performing well amid the coronavirus scare. Sprott Gold Miners ETF (SGDM) follows the Solactive Gold Miners Custom Factors Index, providing exposure to large-sized gold companies whose stocks are listed on Canadian and major U.S. exchanges.

Palladium’s fading stockpiles draw warning of prolonged deficit

As palladium’s record-breaking rally makes guessing the size of stockpiles more important than ever, one thing at least is clear — they’re getting a lot smaller.

Exposure To Gold And Silver Via The Sprott Physical Gold And Silver Trust

The bull market in gold and silver began in the early 2000s. After rising to highs of $1920.70 and $49.82 in 2011, both precious metals pulled back to lows of $1046.20 and $13.635 in December 2015. Gold and silver have been consolidating since reaching those lows.

Ray Dalio - "You have to have a certain amount of gold in your portfolio"

“You have to have balance ... and I think you have to have a certain amount of gold in your portfolio,” Dalio said, reiterating his call last year that the precious metal will be a top investment in the years to come

Sprott Completes Acquisition of Tocqueville Gold Strategies and Provides Preliminary AUM Update

Sprott Inc. (TSX: SII) announced today that it has successfully completed its previously announced acquisition by Sprott Asset Management LP of Tocqueville Asset Management LP gold strategies. Sprott estimates that its AUM as of January 17, 2020, is approximately C$14.8 billion (US$11.3 billion) (unaudited), an increase of approximately 40% from December 31, 2018.

Bridgewater sees gold spiking 30% to a record high — 'There is so much boiling conflict'

Gold could spike 30% to a record high of over $2,000 an ounce as central banks allow inflation and political fears mount, Bridgewater Associates boss Greg Jensen told the Financial Times. The Federal Reserve and other central banks won't clamp down on inflation or raise interest rates in the near term, supporting a higher gold price, said Ray Dalio's co-chief at the world's largest hedge fund. "That's a big deal."

2019 was only the start of gold mining M&A - Sprott's Grosskopf

As busy as the mining sector was dealing with mergers and acquisitions in 2019, that was only the start as one mining financing CEO sees a lot more activity in the new year. In a recent telephone interview with Kitco News, Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc., said that with gold prices expected to continue to rise through 2020, he sees a lot more consolidation in the mining space. He added that Sprott is making a big push to invest in down-cap mining companies.

Gold's Next Big Bull Market May Be Upon Us

Two related landmarks were easy to miss amid Monday’s continuing excitement about the tension between Iran and the U.S., but they matter. The first was a comeback: In April 2013, gold staged a sudden and dramatic crash, dropping 13.5% in two trading days.

Silver News: Improving Investor Sentiment Helped Drive the Price Higher in 2019: Interim Silver Market Review

The last few months have seen a major improvement in investor sentiment towards silver, according to Philip Newman, Director at Metals Focus, who recently presented the Metals Focus / Silver Institute Interim Silver Market Review. The silver price benefited in 2019 from a host of factors, including global economic and political concerns, as some investors sought safe haven investments, such as silver.

Precious Metals and Miners Soar in 2019

2019 marked the best performance for the precious metals complex in nearly a decade. Gold bullion closed the year at $1,517 (gaining 18.31% for the 12 months). Silver bullion ended the year at $17.85 (up 15.23% in 2019). Platinum climbed 21.56% in 2019, and palladium soared 54.24%. Gold mining equities showed notable strength, finishing 2019 up 43.49% as measured by Sprott Gold Miners ETF (SGDM).

Gold, at a Discount? (Yes, Through a Closed-End Fund)

Gold and silver are again in an upswing, and one of the smartest ways to own the precious metals might be to purchase shares in a closed-end fund (CEF) trading at a discount to its net asset value, and invested in the physical assets—not mining stocks, futures contracts or options.

Gold Registers Best Week Since August After Rally Gathers Pace

Gold registered its biggest weekly advance in more than four months, with a decline in the dollar boosting demand for the metal as an alternative asset. The greenback slipped versus all of its Group-of-10 peers, on track to erase its 2019 gains.

This Tide Will Turn

We caution our clients that 2019’s uniquely favorable market conditions are unlikely to be sustainable.... Gold performed extremely well in the face of this year’s market jubilee, which transpired amid supportive conditions including a stable U.S. dollar and benign inflation. For twilight surfers, however, we believe gold’s role as a lifeguard has never been more important.

Goldhub blog: Key trends to watch as we conclude 2019

As 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins, we believe that:

  • Financial and geopolitical uncertainty combined with low interest rates will likely continue supporting gold investment demand
  • Net gold purchases by central banks will likely remain robust even if they are lower than the record highs seen in recent quarters
  • Momentum and speculative positioning may keep gold price volatility high
Gold prices look to post biggest annual rise in 9 years

Gold prices look to end the year more than 15% higher, on track to post their biggest annual climb in nine years. “Gold has seen considerable safe haven buying from investors concerned [over] low and negative yields in the bond market and fearing a possible downturn in equities,” said George Milling-Stanley, chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors.

Gold Headed To $1,700 By March, Analysts Say

Get ready for a fast and sizable pop in gold prices. The cost of buying one troy ounce of the metal will likely rise by around 15% over the next couple of months, analysts say.

Video: Sprott CEO Says Junior Gold Miners are Set for Major Acquisitions Next Year

Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott, joins BNN Bloomberg for a look at M&A activity within the Canadian gold sector. Grosskopf says that while big-name gold miners like Barrick and Newmont have gone through notable acquisitions this year, we are likely to see a significant number of junior miner acquisitions in 2020.

Gold Fails to Crumble as Trade Deal Hit Meets Dollar’s Decline

Gold held its own on Friday as investors weighed bullion’s merits heading into 2020 after the U.S. and China managed a breakthrough in their bitter and drawn out trade dispute, with the commodity’s initial losses driven by weaker haven demand offset by a slump in the dollar. Bullion fluctuated after President Donald Trump signed off on a phase-one deal with China, averting the introduction of more U.S. tariffs, according to people familiar with the matter.

The world's super-rich are hoarding physical gold: Morning Brief

In a note to clients published over the weekend, analysts at Goldman Sachs outlined why the strategic case for owning gold remains strong. The firm cites political uncertainty and recession fears that are unlikely to abate as primary catalysts, among other worries among the global elite like wealth taxes and increasing talk about MMT and central bank effectiveness.

Gold’s Been on a Tear This Year and 2020 May See More Reward

Gold’s impressive advance in 2019 -- aided by trade war frictions, easier monetary policy across the world’s leading economies and sustained central-bank buying -- may be set to spill into the new decade.

Gold miners flash the cash in biggest deal binge in a decade

Gold miners look set to extend a deal spree after notching transactions worth a record $30.5 billion this year, according to data, the biggest M&A binge since bullion prices peaked nearly a decade ago.

Gold’s Pullback is Just a Pause

November marked the third month of consolidation for gold bullion and gold equities. We see this as a pause in a long-term bullish trend: YTD gold bullion has gained 12.69% and gold equities are up 33.35% as of 11/30.

Kirkland-Detour Deal Puts Gold Mining ETFs in Focus

Mergers & acquisitions have increased in the gold mining space since 2018 as miners are competing amid dwindling supply of easy-to-find gold. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Kirkland Lake Gold KL, which agreed to acquire smaller Canadian rival Detour Gold for $3.7 billion (C$4.9 billion) in an all-stock deal.

Why Gold is More Than A Safe Haven Asset

Gold, known as the safe haven asset, historically becomes more valuable during times of geopolitical turmoil. Approximately 20% of the above ground stock of gold reserves is held by central banks and international monetary organizations.

Gold ETF investors more than make up for jewellery buyers put off by rising prices

Global jewellery gold purchases fell 16 per cent year on year in the third quarter to 460.9 tonnes, the lowest since the second quarter of 2010. Overall investment demand jumped 110 per cent to 408.6 tonnes, as net inflows into ETFs amounted to 258.2 tonnes.

Gold Is New Obsession for East Europe’s Nationalist Leaders

Gold is all that nationalist leaders in Europe’s east can talk about these days. Just this week, Poland’s government touted its economic might after completing the repatriation of 100 tons of the metal. Over in Hungary, anti-immigrant Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been ramping up holdings of the safe-haven asset to boost the security of his reserves.

Kirkland-Detour Deal Puts Gold Mining ETFs in Focus

Mergers & acquisitions have increased in the gold mining space since 2018 as miners are competing amid dwindling supply of easy-to-find gold. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Kirkland Lake Gold KL, which agreed to acquire smaller Canadian rival Detour Gold for $3.7 billion (C$4.9 billion) in an all-stock deal.

Five Reasons Why Gold Stocks Make Sense

Gold mining stocks have soared approximately 30% so far in 2019, based on the performance of the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index (GDM) as of November 15. Over the last 12 months, the sector is up nearly 50%. Some investors may assume that gold stocks have run their course. On the contrary, we think that the gold mining equities still have a great deal of upside to offer.

Why it’s time to hitch a ride with “fellow travelers” gold and crypto

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies have been making a comeback, with more companies and government mints launching digital tokens backed by the precious metal. Gold investor John Hathaway says the move will make the commodity more transactional than it is today, and also explains why the precious metal and crypto make good “fellow travelers.”

Serbia Buys Nine Tons of Gold to Heed President’s Crisis Advice

Serbia’s central bank bought nine tons of gold in October, raising its reserves of the precious metal on the advice of President Aleksandar Vucic.

Gold retail market insights

Globally, there are clear perceptions of gold as a safe, durable, traditional store of value. As an investment, it plays to these strengths – retail investors buy it to protect wealth and create long term returns. Jewellery buyers treasure it for sentimental reasons and as a reward for success.

Video: Gold's 2019 Breakout – It's Just Getting Started

Gold bullion has seen a double-digit YTD advance in 2019, and gold mining equities have also posted notable returns. Tocqueville Asset Management's John Hathaway and Ryan McIntyre join Ed Coyne, Senior Managing Director at Sprott Asset Management, to discuss their outlooks and suggest the optimal gold portfolio allocation for most investors.

Investment Update: It may be time to replace bonds with gold

Central banks have shifted to a new regime of easy monetary policy, thus reducing expected bond returns. As negative yielding debt increases alongside stock-to-yield valuations1 to all-time highs, gold may become an attractive and more effective diversifier than bonds, justifying a higher portfolio allocation than historical performance suggests.

Q&A with Ryan McIntyre

We believe gold should continue to benefit from decreasing real interest rates and the increasing geopolitical uncertainty. Furthermore, financial asset valuations are stretched and permeate the landscape of “alternatives.” 

Silver News: Scientists Produce the World’s Strongest Silver Alloy

University of Vermont scientists claim to have produced the strongest silver ever -- 42 percent stronger than the previous record -- without losing silver’s high electrical conductivity.

The Sweet Spot for Gold Equities

Gold bullion consolidated in October, closing the month at $1,513, a 2.75% gain; YTD gold is up 17.97% as of 10/31/19. Silver bullion rose 6.55% for the month and has gained 16.86% YTD. As gold companies report Q3 earnings in the coming weeks, we expect robust earnings results to lift gold equity prices. The timing may be favorable as we are also heading into the best consecutive four-month seasonality pattern for gold mining equities.

Platinum Perspectives: Tighter emissions standards and substitution will drive platinum demand growth despite weaker auto sales

Global light vehicle sales in 2019 are 4.2% lower* than in 2018; which some see as a reason for rising PGM prices to pull back.

A ‘growing club’ of ‘very powerful countries’ is steering away from using the dollar

The U.S. dollar has been the world’s major reserve currency for decades, but that status could come under threat as “very powerful countries” seek to undermine its importance, warned Anne Korin, from the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security.

Investment Update: It may be time to replace bonds with gold

Central banks have shifted to a new regime of easy monetary policy, thus reducing expected bond returns. As negative yielding debt increases alongside stock-to-yield valuations to all-time highs, gold may become an attractive and more effective diversifier than bonds, justifying a higher portfolio allocation than historical performance suggests.

Palladium tops $1,800 for first time as shortage persists

Palladium surged to a record, topping $1,800 as stricter air-quality rules boost demand for the metal used in vehicle pollution-control devices.

Gold: The “Third Rail” of Capital Allocation

This Real Vision video features John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager of Tocqueville Asset Management, being interviewed by Dan Tapiero of DTAP Capital. They take a closer look at gold’s recent breakout and explore why gold equities are so attractive right now.

If Silver Is the New Gold, Now Is a Good Time to Buy

Silver prices have fallen 9% from this year’s highs—an opportunity for investors to buy the metal that has outperformed gold so far this month.

Video: Rule on Gold

Rick Rule, President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., shares how the worldwide explosion of negative yielding debt shapes his bullish outlook on gold. He examines the impact that a “war on savers” has on the global financial system and on precious metals. Rule explains his outlook for the future of the monetary system by analyzing the evolving relationship between cryptocurrencies, precious metals and fiat currencies.

Gold Investors Prep for Fed Cut as Bullion Trades Above $1,500

Gold headed for a weekly gain as investors prepare for another round of central bank action, with weaker-than-expected U.S. data reinforcing expectations that the Federal Reserve will cut borrowing costs next week.

A Message from the CEO: Checkmate

CEO Peter Grosskopf: Gold has been on a tear in 2019. The gold price recently breached $1,500, a remarkable performance since June, when it smashed through the ceiling of its long-term range under the $1,370 level. This is especially impressive when considered in the context of a reasonable economy, a strong U.S. dollar and resilient equity markets throughout 2019. So, what gives?

Doug Groh Talks Gold on Kitco News

Doug Groh, Portfolio Manager, Tocqueville Asset Management at the 121 Mining Investment Conference in New York: "Someone made the point that gold is too expensive at $1,500 an ounce. And a counterpoint was made, which supports your observation that gold is really not a price-sensitive instrument. It's a monetary instrument. It's a precious metal monetary metal that really acts as a means of exchange."

Sprott CEO Says Gold Pullback Not Surprising, Sees Trouble Ahead for Economy

Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott, shares his outlook for gold and the economy with Bloomberg's Shery Ahn and Amanda Lang on Bloomberg Markets.

Battle of The Titans in the Gold Market

In his own words, we can thank gold bull and investor Eric Sprott for the recent retreat in the gold price below US$1,500 per ounce. These comments were made on September 26th at an industry conference hosted by Red Cloud Capital in Toronto. Mr. Sprott suggested that the bankers who are known to trade down the gold price affected this price drop knowing he would be talking up the price at this event, and to “piss him off”.

Gold Mining ETFs on a Tear: Here's Why

Currently, the geopolitical scenario is marked by escalating Sino-US trade tensions, Brexit uncertainty and slowing global growth, leading to a rise in the popularity of gold ETFs.

Capturing the Breakout in Gold and Gold Stocks

We believe the precious metals bull market is just in its early stages. Ed Coyne, Senior Managing Director, National Sales at Sprott Asset Management, joins special guests Doug Groh and Ryan McIntyre, Portfolio Managers at Tocqueville Asset Management, to discuss their outlooks for gold bullion and gold equities, and suggest the optimal gold portfolio allocation for most investors.

Global Silver Investment

Investor sentiment has strengthened noticeably towards silver (as well as the wider precious metals complex). This is in sharp contrast to recent years’ activity, when many institutional investors had been skeptical towards the metal.

A Pair of ETFs for Smart Beta Plays in Gold

With volatility in mind, investors may consider alternative index-based gold miner ETFs like the Sprott Gold Miners ETF (NYSEArca: SGDM) and Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF (NYSEArca: SGDJ). Unlike traditional market cap-weighted funds, SGDM and SGDJ follow a factor-based or smart-beta indexing methodology that can potentially enhance returns.

PHYS: A Trillion Reasons To Buy Gold

The Sprott Physical Gold Trust offers a number of advantages over other gold funds and is perhaps the next best thing to holding the actual metal. The fact that it is currently trading at a discount is a nice bonus. As such, it may be worthwhile taking a position in the fund.

Global Silver Investment

In recent months, investor interest in both silver and gold has risen significantly. The catalyst for this has been growing macroeconomic uncertainty, due to the escalating US-China trade war, which has increased the risk of recession (as suggested by negative bond yields). This in turn has encouraged a move to safe haven assets.

Gold’s September Pullback is Healthy

Given gold’s sharp rise since May, September’s correction was not unexpected. We believe it is reflective of a new consolidation phase, and likely to be short term in nature. All factors that we consider to be significantly correlating to gold bullion indicate that we are still in the early stages of a major long-term advance.

Owning Gold and Precious Metals Doesn’t Have to be Taxing

For many U.S. investors the returns provided by owning physical gold — and the other precious metals including silver, platinum and palladium — come with a sobering surprise when the assets are sold and it’s time to pay taxes. The reason: The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) categorizes gold and other precious metals as “collectibles” which are taxed at a 28% long-term capital gains rate. 

Is platinum’s ‘strong performance’ in 2019 about price or supply–demand fundamentals?

Precious metals prices and ETF investment are having a stellar year as capital market uncertainty, including negative interest rates, and geopolitics combine to lift investor interest and ownership. Platinum investment demand has the highest growth rate with ETF holdings up 38% or 919 koz to a record 3.28 moz in 2019 to date.

Gold gains on global growth woes; palladium sets record on supply concerns

Gold rose to a more than one-week high on Monday as weaker-than-expected economic data from Europe heightened fears of a slowdown in global growth, while palladium continued its record run driven by short supply of the auto-catalyst metal.

Buying The Dip In Gold With CEF

The gold market has calmed since reaching its most recent high at the beginning of September. December gold sitting at around the $1,500 per ounce level on September 17.

Gold Has Had a Big Move, Now it Needs to Stabilize

Speaking with Charlotte McLeod, Managing Editor, Investing News Network, Portfolio Manager Doug Groh describes the pending deal between Sprott and Tocqueville, in which Sprott will acquire the Tocqueville gold strategy and team. Groh also discussed the current gold rally, and explained that with a higher gold price, smaller-cap companies are looking at new opportunities.

U.S. charges three metals traders over alleged market manipulation

U.S. authorities have charged three individuals over allegedly participating in market manipulation in the trade of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium between 2008 and 2016, the Department of Justice said on Monday.

Gold rises more than 1% on global turmoil — but silver surges more

Gold and silver prices jumped more than 1% on Monday as investors fled to safe-haven assets after an attack on Saudi oil facilities raised concerns over global energy supply and ratcheted tensions in the Middle East.

Sprott Gold Report: Negative Rate Folly

In our view, gold’s role as a non-correlating store of value has rarely offered more portfolio utility than it does today....The most troubling legacy of contemporary central banking has been the emergence of negative nominal interest rates. The fact that they actually exist, only highlights the dire nature of global financial imbalances.

Citigroup Says Gold May Top Record

Gold prices may rally to a record above $2,000 an ounce in the next two years, according to Citigroup Inc., which gave a laundry list of positive drivers including rising risks of a global recession and the likelihood that the Federal Reserve will reduce U.S. interest rates to zero.

Russia’s Huge Gold Stash Is Now Worth More Than $100 Billion

Russia’s long-running bet on gold is looking better every month. The country quadrupled gold reserves in the past decade as it diversified away from U.S. assets, a move that has paid off recently as haven demand sent prices to a six-year high.

China has piled up nearly 100 tons of gold reserves to help buffer against the blows of Trump's trade war

Gold has risen 18% since the start of the year, in part because China has been adding vast amounts of the metal to its reserves.

‘Gold is the way to go’ as interest rates fall, says Mark Mobius

Mark Mobius, the founding partner of Mobius Capital Partners, recommends that investors hold 10% of their portfolios in physical gold, and invest the rest in dividend yielding equities.

Greenspan: Rising Gold Price Shows Investors Want Hard Assets That Will Increase In Value

During a CNBC interview, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said gold prices are surging because investors are looking for hard assets that they know will have value in 20 or 30 years.

Global gold-backed ETF holdings and flows

Gold-backed ETFs and similar products account for a significant part of the gold market, with institutional and individual investors using them to implement many of their investment strategies. Flows in ETFs often highlight short-term and long-term opinions and desires to holding gold

Gold Soars in August to Best S&P 500 YTD

Gold added $110 in August to close the month at $1,524, gaining 7.8% for the month. YTD gold is up 18.6%, ahead of the S&P 500 Index's rise of 15.34%. Gold equities impressed even more, climbing 46.4% YTD as measured by Sprott Gold Miners ETF (SGDM).

Platinum Joins the Metals Rally

Platinum may claim 2019 as a turning point year despite a volatile first eight months. YTD through Friday, August 30, platinum’s spot price has jumped 17.34%. Many indications point that platinum’s multi-year period of stagnation may finally be ending.

Silver rally is stealing the show even as gold surges to 6-year high

Precious metals are scoring impressive gains in August, with gold poised for a fourth consecutive monthly rise, though silver is steadily outpacing the price climb of its sister metal. Both have plenty of reasons to move even higher in the weeks to come, analysts said.

Gold’s Gains Set Off a Scramble for Silver

Investors holding “poor man’s gold’’ are suddenly a lot richer, and silver’s rally may still have room to run. Silver has surged 12% this month and touched a two-year high on Wednesday. The metal is benefiting as concerns over the global economic outlook bolster demand for haven assets, sending sister-metal gold to the highest since 2013.

Citi Sees a ‘Bullish Break’ for Gold

Citigroup Inc. has raised the possibility gold may extend its impressive rally should it breach a technical level against a major U.S. equity market benchmark, adding to positive commentary around the metal.

Gold ends at highest since 2013, silver climbs to a 2-year high

Gold futures climbed to their highest finish since 2013 and silver rallied to a more than two-year high on Tuesday, with losses in U.S. stocks and a drop in Treasury yields providing a boost to the precious metals as investors hopes for progress on U.S.-China trade talks faded.

Central Banks Just Love Gold and It's Going to Stay That Way

A major gold-buying spree by central banks is likely to persist in the coming years, according to Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., which flagged the potential for further purchases by nations including China.

China eases restrictions on gold imports: sources

China has partially lifted restrictions on imports of gold, bullion industry sources said, loosening curbs that had stopped an estimated 300-500 tonnes of the metal worth $15-25 billion at current prices from entering the country since May

Palladium: The Secret Weapon in Fighting Pollution

Despite the growing hype around electric vehicles, conventional gas-powered vehicles are expected to be on the road well into the future. As a result, exhaust systems will continue to be a critical tool in reducing harmful air pollution. Palladium enables car manufacturers to meet stricter emission standards, making it a secret weapon for fighting pollution going forward.

Russia's Gold-Buying Spree Not Letting Up: Central Bank Buys Another 300K Ounces in July

After topping $100 billion in gold reserves in June, Russia purchased another 300,000 ounces or nine tons of gold in July, according to the latest data released by the Russian central bank.

JPMorgan Spoofer Pleads Guilty To Gold Manipulation, Faces 11 Years In Jail

Last November former JPMorgan precious-metals trader admitted he engaged in a six-year spoofing scheme that defrauded investors in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium futures contracts. John Edmonds, then 36, pled guilty under seal in the District of Connecticut to commodities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, commodities price manipulation, and spoofing. As FBI Assistant Director in Charge Sweeney explained that "with his guilty plea, Edmonds admitted he intended to introduce materially false and misleading information into the commodities markets."

Buy Gold ‘At Any Level,’ Mobius Says as Central Bankers Ease

Veteran investor Mark Mobius gave a blanket endorsement to buying gold, saying accumulating bullion will reap long-term rewards as leading central banks loosen monetary policy and the rise of cryptocurrencies serves only to reinforce demand for genuinely hard assets.

A Message from the CEO: The Rebirth of Gold as Money

CEO Peter Grosskopf: The debate over gold’s place in a modern investment portfolio has been well covered. Call it the “Pet Rock” versus the “End of Fiat Currency” grudge match. But the facts are not subject to such intense interpretation....An enormous transformation of the gold market can occur once digital gold attracts the volumes needed to make it a serious business.

Gold prices end higher, notch best weekly gain since late June

Gold futures settled virtually unchanged Friday but marked the best weekly return in more than a month, amid Italian political jitters and another wrinkle in the U.S.-China trade talks.

Sprott to Acquire Tocqueville Gold Strategies

Sprott Inc. (TSX: SII) and Tocqueville Asset Management today announced that Sprott Asset Management LP (“SAM”) and Tocqueville have entered into a definitive agreement regarding the acquisition by SAM of the Tocqueville gold strategies.

Gold Rally Strengthens on Rate Cut, Silver Follows

July was positive for both gold and silver, which were propelled by the Fed’s interest rate cut on July 31, its first cut in 11 years. Any hope that this is a "one and done" rate hike has quickly been dashed with the latest U.S.-China trade war salvo. The long-term picture remains firmly intact. Gold and silver continue to rise as the market adjusts to a new central bank easing cycle.

Gold and Silver Breakout – What Next?

PM Maria Smirnova: "We predicted that 2019 could surprise to the upside. YTD, through the Friday, July 19 close, gold bullion was up 11.14% and silver bullion has gained 4.58%....The wind is now at our backs and we believe that both gold and silver will climb higher. Silver, in particular, has the potential to significantly outperform gold."

Gold Continues Bullish Consolidation

Last week, gold bullion continued its bullish consolidation ($1,380 support, $1,440 resistance), and gold equities recovered to touch new 52-week highs as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reaffirmed the likelihood of a July 31 interest rate cut.

A Message from the CEO: My Lessons in Gold Investing

CEO Peter Grosskopf: Gold has moved above the critical $1,400 mark for the first time in nearly six years. We believe that gold may be decisively breaking out of a six-year cycle and that this may be the beginning of a powerful multi-year rally. It's an opportune moment for CEO Peter Grosskopf to share his guidance on gold investing.

Platinum — Catalyst For Global Growth

Rick Rule, Senior Managing Director of Sprott, interviews Trevor Raymond, Director of Research at the World Platinum Investment Council, about promising signs for the platinum market, after several years of weakness.

Bitcoin Revisited

A two month bitcoin rally has reignited the gold-versus-bitcoin debate. We view such either-or comparisons of gold and bitcoin as somewhat specious, because we see little commonality between the two assets. Gold continues to function as a reliable store of value and productive portfolio-diversifying asset. In contrast, bitcoin continues to augment its reputation as a highly erratic speculation. Bitcoin’s investment merits, at least to date, have proven distinctly different from gold’s portfolio utility.

A Message from the CEO: Why We Need Gold

CEO Peter Grosskopf: "Most investors do not realize that gold is one of the world’s most liquid currencies and assets, trading with volumes equivalent to those of the euro or U.S. Treasury bond benchmarks. Although similar in philosophy, gold blows Bitcoin away on any measure by which the two can be compared....Perhaps now is finally the time for investors to benefit from a 'life preserver' while others enjoy the card game on the decks of the central bank-piloted Titanic."

How Billionaires Prepare for Bear Markets

Many of the world’s elite investors turn to gold to hedge against the prospect of a bear market ― a prolonged downturn which sees stock prices fall by at least 20% over two months or more. Gold is considered the undisputed king of uncorrelated assets, and is a proven, safe haven investment that lets investors sleep at night.

The Silver Lining

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses silver's challenging investment environment. She writes: "With silver's price hovering at $15 per ounce, we see tremendous investment upside — with little downside — given what we view as very positive developments in the market."

Paper Tiger

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik: "After a lot of late-March huffing and puffing in COMEX markets to achieve a month-end close for spot gold below $1,300, trading in physical gold markets proved especially robust during the first week of April.  To us, this suggests gold’s sub-$1,300 spot price is destined to be short lived."

On the Clock

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik: "Trading in gold markets during the week of 3/25/19 seemed heavily influenced by calendar-related items."

Gold Shares as Rising Phoenix

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik: "We suspect gold equities are poised for a span of significant nominal and relative performance. We have entered a new mergers and acquisitions (M&A) cycle which we believe will provide a strong catalyst for gold miners in 2019."

2019 Top 10 List

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik: "Given the seminal nature of catalysts now in play for precious metals, we felt the timing appropriate for a comprehensive review of factors driving the gold price. In this report, we have compiled our Top 10 List of fundamentals supporting a portfolio allocation to gold in 2019."

Webcast: Gold's Time to Shine

Get our positive outlook on gold and gold equities. Watch/listen to this webcast replay featuring Ed Coyne, EVP at Sprott Asset Management and special guest John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager at Tocqueville Asset Management.

Video: Gold Poised to Shine in 2019

Financial Journalist Liz Claman interviews Ed Coyne, EVP at Sprott Asset Management, on his 2019 outlook for gold bullion and gold equities. Gold beat U.S. equities for the month of December, the fourth quarter, and the full calendar year of 2018. Sprott believes that precious metals are poised for a multi-year uptrend, and we advocate a 5-10% permanent portfolio allocation for most investors.

Catalyst for Gold Locked and Loaded?

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik: "We believe that gold bullion and gold mining equities may be poised for a multi-year uptrend. Gold bullion beat U.S. equities for the month of December, the fourth quarter, and the full calendar year of 2018. We suggested throughout 2018 that the catalyst for gold’s next important rally would be growing recognition that the Fed’s current tightening cycle was reaching a conclusion."

The Palladium Play - Part 2

Palladium has been a standout performer, more than doubling in price in three years 2016 to 2018. YTD the white-hot metal is up more than 10% as of January 16, 2019. Palladium’s rise is best understood by analyzing its unique supply-demand dynamics. Russia and South Africa account for nearly 80% of the world's production, and a chronic supply deficit keeps pushing prices higher.

The Palladium Play - Part 1

John Ciampaglia, CEO Sprott Asset Management: "Palladium is a key component for ICE autocatalysts. While the escalating U.S.-China trade war hurt many commodities in 2018, palladium continued to rise. Spot palladium gained 18.6% in 2018 and has climbed 124% since the beginning of 2016."

Video: Real Assets Masterclass

Ed Coyne, EVP National Sales at Sprott Asset Management, joins a panel of real assets experts to discuss whether it’s time to hunt for investments largely unconnected to financial markets, given the Dow Jones Industrial Average's flirtation with new highs in 2018.

Sprott Gold Report: Everything is Cool

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik weighs in on why the Fed is likely to pause its rates hikes: "We have maintained that financial asset prices cannot sustain rising rates with this much debt in the global financial system.... To us, it seems pretty clear there are growing rumblings for at least a pause in rate hikes. Gold is likely to erupt if this transpires."

Sprott Gold Report: Brinkmanship

Got gold? We expect asset markets to come to terms with the Fed’s dual policy agenda of simultaneous rate hikes and balance sheet reduction — which amounts to little more than glorified brinkmanship. Recent market weakness supports our contention that Fed tightening is pinching global liquidity to a degree which threatens reigning valuations of traditional financial assets. 

Sprott Gold Report: Physical Matters

We believe gold sentiment may be turning in our favor. For the first time in 17 years commercial participants in gold futures — generally regarded as the “smart money” — have flipped their COMEX positioning to net long.

Special Report: The Platinum Opportunity - Part 1

Platinum is one of the rarest of metals but often flies under the radar. In Part 1, we provide a Platinum Primer and explain why we are bullish on this essential metal, which plays a critical role in the automotive, industrial and jewelry sectors. 

Sprott Gold Report: Buying Opportunity as Gold and Silver Shorts Reach Record Levels

As investors flee the emerging markets and seek the safety of the U.S. dollar and U.S. equities, they've increased their short positions in commodities. Most surprisingly, and counterintuitively, bets against precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) have reached record levels.

Sprott Gold Report: Summer Test

It's been a frustrating summer for gold bugs. Senior PM Trey Reik discusses how "emerging markets dislocation and the stored force in collapsing EM currencies is funneling towards a strengthening U.S. dollar, and in turn reflexively pressuring the gold price.” In the face of this bearish sentiment, we are encouraging Sprott clients to exploit summer price movements in precious metals to their maximum advantage. 

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Slumps on Trade War Fears

Portfolio Manager Shree Kargutkar believes that “gold may prove to be the ultimate winner given the most recent trade conflicts.” Despite the U.S. dollar's recent strength Kargutkar argues that it is likely to be short-lived, and that all the elements are in place for a durable bull market for precious metals and precious metal equities.

Sprott Gold Report: Tariff Tension

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik answers the question: Why isn’t gold doing better? After trading in a bullish consolidation pattern for 18 months, gold appears to have lost some of its mojo. Trump’s June 1 tariff announcements and the U.S. dollar's spring rally have hurt gold and other commodities. Reik counters by arguing that gold’s price stability has been fairly unique among asset classes, and that right now is a fortuitous entry point for portfolio allocations to gold.

Sprott Gold Report: Periphery to Core

In this report, we employ the analytical framework of periphery to core.  We have organized this letter around evidence that the Fed’s dual policy goals are straining financial conditions in peripheral components of four critical sectors:  emerging markets, global financial institutions, U.S. corporate credits and U.S. consumer credits. 

Sprott Silver Report: Silver's Critical Role in Electrification May Fuel its Rise

"Silver commands an established precious-metal pedigree, while simultaneously boasting a wide array of active economic functions,' writes Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik. This report explores silver's bullish supply/demand fundamentals and why this bodes well for higher silver prices ahead.

Sprott Gold Report: Why Berkshire Hathaway Needs Gold

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik responds to Warren Buffet’s distaste for gold, staunchly reconfirmed by Buffett at the May 5 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting. Reik finds Buffet’s gold-versus-stocks comparison self impeaching, and suggests that a prudent allocation to gold could improve the risk-adjusted returns even for Berkshire Hathaway.

Sprott Gold Report: “QT” or Not to “T,” That is the Question

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik presents analysis suggesting the Fed’s dual agenda of rate hikes and QT balance-sheet reduction is already straining global liquidity to the peril of reigning financial asset valuations. In order to arrest deflationary forces, at least in part of their own making, we expect the Fed to scale back telegraphed FOMC policy by yearend.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold is Rarely this Cheap

Sprott Global Investment Executive Kenton Ralph Toews looks more closely at how commodities, relative to equities, are at their most undervalued in decades. Gold is especially inexpensive relative to the S&P 500. 

Sprott Gold Report: Cryptocurrencies, Solid Gold or Just a Flash in the Pan?

Sprott Asset Management CEO John Ciampaglia examines the relative merits of gold and cryptocurrencies as these two alternatives to traditional fiat currencies duke it out in the “monetary” boxing ring of investor sentiment.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Resilient Despite Market Volatility

The calm of equity markets across the world was rudely interrupted in February by a sudden spike in volatility which impacted virtually every asset class. Volatility across equities, bonds, currencies and commodities rose sharply during the month and remained elevated into March.

Sprott Gold Report: Oopsie Daisy! Equity Markets Stumble in Early February

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik looks beyond the short-term damage of the Feb. 5 market selloff, and explores why the current fed tightening cycle is likely to increase the stress on individual consumers and inflict damage across a broad spectrum on financial assets.

Sprott Gold Report: Why Gold and Gold Equities Can Thrive in 2018

With the beginning of the new year, we have entered a seasonally strong period for gold bullion and gold equities. Gold bullion posted a strong gain of 3.23% in January, ending the month at $1,345.15 per ounce. While sentiment towards gold has improved from frigid to luke-warm, sentiment towards precious metals equities remains downright bearish.

Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trusts Launches on NYSE

Executive VP Ed Coyne discusses Sprott's acquisition of the Central Fund of Canada and launch of the Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust.

Sprott Gold Report: 2017 Redux

Gold bullion rose a respectable 13.09% in 2017, posting its strongest annual gain since 2010. Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik explores why gold's performance stacks up well against other alternative asset classes.

Sprott Gold Report: Just Get Tax Reform Done!

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik takes a closer look at Trump's tax reform. Eager for the tax bill to pass, Trump boasts in a recent tweet, “It will be the BIGGEST TAX CUT and TAX REFORM in the HISTORY of our country!” We disagree. 

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Equities are Currently on Sale

Portfolio Manager Shree Kargutkar says, "gold is likely to benefit in early 2018 from its traditional first quarter strength."  He also explains why gold mining equities are cheap right now, and why high-quality miners are positioned for strong earnings performances.

Podcast: Precious Metals with Maria Smirnova from Sprott Asset Management

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses precious metals, and how it is getting much harder to find new deposits, given the drop-off in exploration budgets. She explains how an allocation to gold and silver in an investment portfolio can reduce volatility.

Sprott Silver Report: An Essential Metal for the 21st Century

Maria Smirnova, Senior Portfolio Manager, shares key takeaways from the Silver Institute’s 3rd Silver Industrial Conference that focused on “Silver’s Evolving Role in Science and Technology.” Smirnova looks at silver’s expanding role given its use in solar, automotive, electronics and healthcare applications, and explains why we are bullish on the metal. 

Sprott Gold Report: Will Receding Rate Hike Expectations Give Gold a Lift?

Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik discusses why gold has spent the past seven months in a tight trading range between $1,200 and $1,300 per ounce. Given the stored force inherent in such a trading pattern, history suggests a breakout, whether up or down, is likely to be characterized by a steep slope. The question remains, which direction will gold follow?

Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts

Raising the bar in precious metals investing

Sprott Physical Bullion Trust
Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts trade on NYSE ARCA

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Sprott ETFs 

In partnership with ALPS Advisors, Inc. and ALPS Distributors, Inc. Sprott offers two gold mining ETFs. The Sprott Gold Miners ETF (NYSE Arca: SGDM) and the Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF (NYSE Arca: SGDJ). 

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