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Good news for uranium: Nuclear energy has a record reliability, despite past disasters

Nuclear energy has a proven record of reliability in a world that’s struggling to accept less dependable sources of renewable energy. That brightens the outlook for the uranium that fuels the sector.

Nuclear Power Production, by Country

Nearly 450 reactors around the world supply various nations with nuclear power, combining for about 10% of the world’s electricity, or about 4% of the global energy mix.

France's nuclear power program sparks tensions with Germany over what is clean energy

As Europe strives to curb greenhouse gas emissions, France is expanding nuclear power — setting itself at odds with Germany over what constitutes clean energy.

Visualizing Nuclear Power Production by Country

Nearly 450 reactors around the world supply various nations with nuclear power, combining for about 10% of the world’s electricity, or about 4% of the global energy mix.

Why the uranium price is set to keep rising

Turmoil in Kazakhstan – the world's leading producer of uranium, has sent the uranium price up by more than 8% in a week. And that's not the end of it.

Joe Manchin Just Gave Biden a Path for His Green Goals With Pro-Nuclear Stance

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, whose opposition is threatening to derail President Joe Biden’s massive social-spending plan, wants to expand at least one of its climate provisions: a tax credit to keep nuclear plants operating.

Uranium price rally spurs first exploration increase since 2011

Uranium mining companies reversed a 10-year decline in exploration budgets in 2021 as companies aim to capitalize on higher yellowcake prices and a rosier demand outlook.

Nuclear Power Reactors Could Be Way for Nations to Achieve Climate Goals

Reactors are poised to become a bigger part of the energy mix as the 2030 emissions deadline looms.

Uranium stocks jump as protests in Kazakhstan threaten global supply

The threat from recent protests and increasing political unrest in Kazakhstan are rippling through the global uranium market and is pushing shares of Canadian uranium producers higher.

EU’s plan to include gas and nuclear in ‘green’ ranking leaves investors confused

The commission sees natural gas and nuclear as means to “facilitate the transition towards a predominantly renewable-based future.

3 Reasons Nuclear Power Has Returned to the Energy Debate

If we believed our own rhetoric about the climate crisis, support for nuclear would be much higher.

Europe Plans to Say Nuclear Power and Natural Gas Are Green Investments

The draft proposal could help unleash a wave of investment, but critics say both sources of energy cause damage to the environment.

What’s Next for Nuclear in 2022?

During the past year, the nuclear industry has seen significant milestones in international cooperation, domestic partnerships, new areas of expansion, and global recognition. Nuclear energy is poised to accomplish even more in the coming year.

Opinion: Germany is closing its last nuclear plants. What a mistake.

Germany is shutting three more nuclear power plants — nearly half of the nuclear capacity it has left — even as energy prices soar and the country struggles to cut its carbon dioxide emissions. 

Germany Shuts Down Half of Its 6 Remaining Nuclear Plants

Germany on Friday is shutting down half of the six nuclear plants it still has in operation, a year before the country draws the final curtain on its decades-long use of atomic power.

10 Big Wins for Nuclear Energy in 2021

2021 was a BIG year for nuclear energy as the nation continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uranium Outlook 2022: Prices Have Broken Out, How High Will They Go?

2021 was an eventful year for uranium, but what’s the uranium outlook for 2022? Experts weigh in on supply cuts, rising demand and more.

China is Home to World's First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

China continues to stake its claim as the world’s biggest proponent of new nuclear energy technology, connecting its first small modular reactor to the power grid.

Nuclear energy scares people. The climate crisis is giving it another chance

Memories of Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island still loom large, fueling skepticism and fear of new nuclear projects. Yet the scale of the climate crisis is encouraging governments and investors to give the low-carbon energy source another look.

Is nuclear energy green? France and Germany lead opposing camps.

The French government wants to build reactors. The German government wants to shut them down.

The Netherlands to build new nuclear plants under coalition deal

The Netherlands will build two nuclear power stations in a bid to hit more ambitious climate goals, according to the new government's coalition agreement, published Wednesday.

How a Less-Than Six-Month-Old Fund Shook the Nuclear Fuel Market

Six months ago, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust didn’t exist. Now it holds almost a third of the world’s annual supply -- and it’s getting bigger.

The West’s Nuclear Mistake

No government that really regarded climate change as its top energy priority would close nuclear plants before the end of their useful lives.

Nuclear Bans Tumble as Once-Skeptical States Seek Carbon Cuts

States that were once wary about nuclear power are now mulling policies to move forward with it as a way to decarbonize the electric grid, reach emissions-free energy goals, and preserve jobs in communities with aging and shuttering coal plants.

EU Weighs Giving Some Gas and Nuclear Projects Green Investment Label

The European Union is considering allowing some natural-gas and nuclear energy projects to be labeled as green investments -- as a temporary measure -- in a move that could help the shift to net zero but will also upset environmentalists.

Game on for nuclear, declares Bilbao y León

Nuclear energy offers a "golden opportunity" to create a cleaner and more equitable world, World Nuclear Association Director General Sama Bilbao y León said today at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris.

Are We At The Dawn Of A Nuclear Energy Renaissance?

We’ve heard these claims before. But the mounting scale of the climate and energy conundrum is fueling more money and favorable policies into atomic power.

Key Facts about Spent Nuclear Fuel

Per Jander, WMC Energy, Technical Advisor to Sprott Physical Uranium Trust: Chemical reactions of fossil-fuel plants release more radiation into the environment than the operation of nuclear energy plants — 10 times more. Most nuclear-industry waste is relatively low in radioactivity, and only a small amount is produced. Estimates put the total waste from a nuclear reactor supplying one person's electricity needs for a year at the size of a standard brick.

UN crowns nuclear as lowest carbon electricity source

Nuclear power produces less CO2 emissions over its lifecycle than any other electricity source, according to a new report by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Bullish signals give uranium producers hope for market turnaround

Uranium producers say nuclear utilities have begun exploring long-term contracts now that a Canadian uranium fund has slurped up much of the excess supply in the spot market.

TerraPower selects Kemmerer, Wyoming as the preferred site for advanced reactor

TerraPower today announced Kemmerer, Wyoming as the preferred site for the Natrium™ reactor demonstration project, which is a TerraPower and GE-Hitachi technology, and is one of two competitively-selected advanced reactor demonstration projects (ARDP) supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Nuclear Shines Bright at COP26

For the past two weeks, the eyes of the world were focused on COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. UN climate gatherings are a unique blend of quiet international negotiations and a whirlwind of public announcements and programming from governments, businesses, and environmental stakeholders alike.

Kazatomprom Signs Term Contracts with China

JSC National Atomic Company “Kazatomprom” (“Kazatomprom” or “the Company”) announces that the Company, represented by its Chief Commercial Officer, Askar Batyrbayev, participated virtually in the China International Import Expo 2021, held in Shanghai, China from 05–12 November 2021. During the Expo, Kazatomprom concluded two term contracts for the supply of Kazakhstani natural uranium concentrates: one with China National Uranium Company Limited, and a second with State Nuclear Uranium Resources Development Company Limited. The quantities and specific contract terms cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality and commercial sensitivity.

U.S. 'very bullish' on new nuclear technology, Granholm says

In an interview at the U.N. Climate Change Conference, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm told Yahoo News on Friday that the Biden administration is “very bullish” on building new nuclear reactors in the United States.

Nuclear Power Is the Best Climate-Change Solution by Far

Politics seems to have become inimical to critical thinking, and nowhere is this more obvious than climate change. Politicians peddle apocalypse and demand that Americans accept skyrocketing gasoline and home heating costs, rolling blackouts and brownouts, endless subsidies for uneconomic vehicles and power generation, and on and on.

Countries Detail Nuclear Power Climate Change Plans in COP26 Event with IAEA Director

Government ministers and industry leaders from Brazil, Ghana, Russia and the United States spelled out their plans for using nuclear energy to help slash emissions to net zero and achieve sustainable development in a wide-ranging conversation at the UN climate summit with IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi.

China’s Climate Goals Hinge on a $440 Billion Nuclear Buildout

China is planning at least 150 new reactors in the next 15 years, more than the rest of the world has built in the past 35.

Video - Uranium: The Catalyst in the Clean Energy Movement

The market for uranium is exploding, and the transition toward clean energy may depend on it. John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, chats with New York Times’ best selling author and founder of The Bear Traps Report Larry McDonald, laying out a compelling thesis on why uranium is a vital component for the energy needs of the world. Despite supply-side difficulties with uranium mining, Ciampaglia explains how a growing uranium market can give mines the resources they need to increase mining operations and power the planet.

The Green Brief: Gas, nuclear and the EU taxonomy saga

The European Union is moving closer to integrating nuclear power and natural gas in the bloc’s sustainable finance taxonomy – a set of rules designed to provide investors with a common definition of what is green and what is not in order to channel more capital into sustainable businesses.

Report highlights nuclear's contribution to SDGs

Nuclear industry organisations from around the world have today published a report highlighting the contributions made by nuclear towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

France’s grid operator says cheapest path to net-zero needs nuclear power

France must build 14 new nuclear reactors, alongside a surge in renewables investment by 2050, if it is to meet its carbon-neutral goals at the cheapest cost, and without endangering supply, the country’s grid operator said in a report.

Duke Energy CEO: Net-zero emissions can’t be achieved without nuclear power

As one of the country’s largest energy holding companies, Duke Energy (DUK) is on a mission to slash 2005-level carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030 on its path to decarbonize its power supply by 2050.

Japan OKs plan to push clean energy, nuclear to cut carbon

Japan adopted a new energy policy on Friday that promotes nuclear and renewables as sources of clean energy to achieve the country’s pledge of reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

No. 1 Uranium Miner Backs Physical Fund in Nod to Robust Demand

Kazatomprom, the world’s largest uranium miner, is backing a new uranium fund that aims to invest in the radioactive metal used to power nuclear reactors.

Japan’s carbon goal is based on restarting 30 nuclear reactors

Japan’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 46% by 2030 is based on the assumption it will restart 30 of its nuclear reactors, a top ruling party executive said.

UK to fund new nuclear power station as part of net zero drive -Telegraph

The UK government will announce plans to fund a new nuclear power plant before the 2024 election as part of its Net Zero strategy, The Telegraph reported late on Sunday.

Sprott's John Ciampaglia on Uranium (SPUT)

John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, is interviewed by Bloor Street Capital Principal James Connor. John and James take a deep dive into the uranium investment case and Sprott’s latest fund launch, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust.

Uranium: Born of the Stars

Jesse Day for Sprott: Uranium, an element born of the stars, is as complex as it is paradoxical. This heavy metal holds dormant powers both inspiring and terrifying. This new video shares incredible facts about uranium’s inter-planetary origins and looks at the critical role of uranium in the burgeoning green energy economy.

Uranium: The bull market everybody’s talking about

Three years ago, uranium was 'The bull market nobody was talking about', as I wrote in my earlier wire. But in 2021, it's finally caught the attention of investors. While the metal itself bottomed in late 2016, for miners and hopefuls the recovery has been a slow and painful one. Until recently.

Japan's new PM defends pro-nuclear stance in parliamentary debut

Japan's new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, defended his pro-nuclear energy policies on Wednesday, saying that re-starting nuclear power plants mothballed since the 2011 Fukushima disaster was vital.

Energy crisis sparks divide in Europe over nuclear power

The ongoing energy crisis has spurred division between France and Germany over expanding nuclear power.

Nuclear plants insulate France from the energy crisis. Now Macron is doubling down on them in a $35 billion moonshot plan

Six months before Emmanuel Macron faces a tough election for a second five-year term as president, the French leader unveiled a €30 billion ($35 billion) investment to ramp up tech innovation and heavy industry—in a clear attempt to win over his conservative skeptics and to position France as a major player in the global economy.

How Can Nuclear Replace Coal as Part of the Clean Energy Transition?

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C compared to pre-industrialized levels, the phase out of coal is critical.

Nuclear Gains Ground in Plans to Phase Out Gas Use in Europe

Nuclear power is emerging as a green back-up option for renewables in Europe and to help reduce reliance on foreign supplies of natural gas. 

Germany Should Postpone Exit From Nuclear Power, Letter From Prominent Professors And Environmentalists Argues

A newly penned letter to the FT, signed by professors from Oxford, Harvard and American University alongside a group of environmentalists, is urging that Germany postpone its exit from nuclear energy for benefit of the environment.

Opinion: To solve the carbon crisis, we need to talk nuclear power

Nuclear power is, in many ways, the most promising source of zero-carbon electricity. 

Uranium Rally Could be Sign of New Era of Nuclear Acceptance

Uranium had been sitting at historic lows for most of the last decade, but as demand and sentiment surrounding uranium turned around slowly, prices have begun to turn around.

Got Uranium? Here's Why It's Price Just Spiked +60% | John Ciampaglia, Sprott CEO On Nuclear Energy

Suddenly, uranium is in the spotlight -- it's price has jumped by over 60% in the past month.

Uranium Rally Is a High-Stakes Bet on Future of Nuclear Power

After languishing at historical lows for the better part of the last decade, uranium suddenly came back from the dead.  

The future of uranium: A story of supply and demand

The uranium market is at a tipping point. The clean energy transition, in addition to a supply shortfall, could tip the balance towards an era of rising uranium prices. 

70 Years of Global Uranium Production by Country

Uranium was discovered just over 200 years ago in 1789, and today, it’s among the world’s most important energy minerals. 

World's largest uranium producing countries in 2020 - report

Permanent closures and temporary suspensions of mines due to the COVID-19 crisis hit global uranium production in 2020. Kazakhstan was the largest uranium producing country in 2020, followed by Australia and Namibia.

Massive Energy Bill Becomes Law, Investing Billions Between Renewable, Nuclear Sectors

Gov. JB Pritzker was joined by environmental and social justice activists, union representatives, and lawmakers from both parties Wednesday as he signed into law a sweeping energy regulation overhaul that aims to phase out carbon emissions from the energy sector by 2045 while diversifying the renewable energy workforce.

Nukesanity: Inside the Melt-Up In Uranium ETFs (Podcast)

Uranium ETFs are the among the best performers the last two years. Prior to that, they’d been in a decade-long bear market after the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011. But between growing acceptance of nuclear power for a carbon-free future and spiking prices with a supply shortage, you have the makings of a breakout ETF category. 

As Uranium Soars, Top Trust Sees Hedge Funds Fueling Demand Lift

The Canadian firm behind the world’s only physical uranium fund said hedge funds and family offices are driving up demand for the radioactive metal used to fuel nuclear reactors.

Uranium spot price reaches nine-year high as Sprott resumes purchases

Current month uranium spot prices rose sharply to a nine-year high Sept. 15 as the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust began buying again after approval of an expanded equity sales program that will allow the fund to acquire up to $1 billion in additional uranium in the coming months.

Uranium price at multi-year highs; bull market is just getting started

According to some analysts, the uranium market is a freight train that is just leaving the station as growing demand in a relatively tight market sparks a surge in prices.

Uranium: A Key Element for a Net-Zero Carbon Future

Ed Coyne, Per Jander and John Ciampaglia: Uranium spot prices have been rising in 2021, in what we see as a strong new bull market. Investors are betting on nuclear energy’s profile as a highly efficient, reliable and clean energy source. Aggressive decarbonization goals worldwide are driving major policy shifts that are likely to bolster demand for uranium and nuclear energy.

New Uranium Fund Signals Start of Bull Run Amid Tight Supply

A new uranium fund that's snapping up supplies signals the start of a lasting bull run for the commodity used to power nuclear plants. 

Japan Utility Stocks Jump After PM Candidate Backs Nuclear Power

Shares of Japanese utilities got a boost of confidence after a leading contender to become prime minister said restarting nuclear power plants was necessary to achieve the country's net zero goals, reversing a previous stance that sought to phase out the energy source.

GIF highlights nuclear's ESG attributes

Nuclear energy, as an asset class, has the potential to report well against a wide range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data collection and accounting metrics, according to a new report from the Generation IV International Forum (GIF). 

Uranium Week: Record Jump For Uranium Price

After the largest three week rise on record for the uranium price, brokers lift their long-term uranium price forecasts and raise price targets for shares.

The Power of a Uranium Pellet

Nuclear energy’s incredible efficiency and powerful nature comes from uranium’s high energy density.

Kazatomprom considers making purchases to rebuild inventory

Kazatomprom may buy additional material in the spot market during the second half of this year to keep its inventories within its targeted range and to meet sales commitments for the rest of 2021, CEO Galymzhan Pirmatov said as the company's half-year results were released yesterday.

Is There a Nuclear Option for Stopping Climate Change?

Humanity’s failure to avert the crisis of a warming climate is sometimes framed as a grand technological problem: For centuries, countries relied on fossil fuels to industrialize their economies and generate wealth, and it was only in recent years that alternative ways of powering a society, like solar and wind energy, became viable.

Nuclear vital for secure energy supply – study

New nuclear build enhances system-level energy security, increases the resilience of the electricity grid and helps to reduce dependency on energy imports states a study by the New Nuclear Watch Institute (NNWI).

How ‘Critical’ is Uranium to Decarbonization?

Uranium is viewed by some to be an important ingredient in the race to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Belgian nuclear phase out an 'irreversible loss', PM told

An open letter to the prime minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, has called for the country's anti-nuclear policies to be re-evaluated and for Belgium's nuclear facilities and skills to be positively applied in an effort to avert climate change. 

Germany Flirts With Power Crunch in Nuclear and Coal Exit

One of Germany’s biggest challenges in the fight against climate change is to keep the lights on. 

Why Not Nuclear?

You may have read that, last week, the United Nations declared a “Code Red” climate emergency based upon a recent, exhaustive scientific study.  All major countries and economies (194 nations to be exact) officially agreed to the report.  

Press Release - Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Launches "At-The-Market" Equity Program

Sprott Asset Management LP, on behalf of the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: U.UN) (TSX: U.U), a closed-ended trust created to invest and hold substantially all of its assets in physical uranium, today announced that it has launched an at-the-market equity program (the “ATM Program”) to issue up to US$300,000,000 of units of the Trust (“Units”) in Canada.

Uranium Tops Morgan Stanley's Commodity Thermometer

Morgan Stanley has placed uranium at the very top of its Metals and Mining Commodity Thermometer.

International climate objectives will not be met if nuclear power is excluded, according to UNECE report

Nuclear power is a low-carbon energy source that has avoided about 74Gt of CO2 emissions over the past 50 years, nearly two years’ worth of total global energy-related emissions.

Small module reactors can help Canada meet sustainability goals, expert says

SMRs could allow Canada to meet net-zero emissions goals while leveraging nuclear expertise for a growing global market, says CNA President John Gorman.

Uranium Investment Insights Panel - Uranium Insider, Bannerman Energy, enCore Energy, Rice Capital

A panel of uranium industry experts with careers spanning investing in natural resources, uranium extraction, commodity trading and economics explain the drivers of this new bull market.

Uranium demand rising while supply remains uncertain: Cameco

Demand for uranium is growing at the same time supply is becoming less certain, said Cameco President and CEO Tim Gitzel July 28.

Uranium Week: Hopes For Additional Uranium Demand

As the uranium spot price rose marginally last week, buyers and sellers were hopeful the listing of the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust would introduce additional demand into the spot uranium market.

China’s Power Crunches To Worsen Without More Nuclear And Hydr

China needs to accelerate its build-out of energy sources such as nuclear and pumped-hydro to stave off worsening power crunches in its industrial centers, according to a government-backed think tank.

New uranium fund begins trading

The newly created Sprott Physical Uranium Trust has begun trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange after Sprott Asset Management LP, a wholly owned subsidiary of precious metals and real assets investments company Sprott Inc, completed a previously announced transaction with Uranium Participation Corporation (UPC).

UxC Interview with John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management

Jonathan Hinze, President, UxC asks CEO John Ciampaglia about Sprott’s goals for Sprott Physical Uranium Trust: “Our first objective is to modernize the offering through an investment trust format and have it operate largely in the same way as our precious metals trusts....In a time when investment interest and policy support are aligned for emission-free technologies, we believe this Trust is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the nuclear industry as a whole.”

Bill to preserve, expand U.S. nuclear energy sector reintroduced

A bipartisan group of senators has reintroduced the American Nuclear Infrastructure Act (ANIA), initially introduced last fall in the previous Congress.

The Sprott Physical Uranium Fund Has Arrived

On Thursday, Uranium Participation Corporation and Sprott Asset Management LP announced the inception of Sprott Physical Uranium Trust.

Press Release - Sprott Physical Uranium Trust Completes Arrangement with Uranium Participation Corporation

TORONTO, ON – July 19, 2021 – Sprott Asset Management LP, Uranium Participation Corporation (“UPC”) and the newly-formed Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: U.UN and U.U) (the “Trust”) announced today that the previously announced plan of arrangement involving UPC, SAM, the Trust, and 2834819 Ontario Inc. became effective earlier today (the “Arrangement”). UPC’s shareholders are now unitholders of the Trust. The Trust begins trading this morning on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “U.UN” in Canadian dollars and “U.U” in U.S. dollars.

Press Release - Uranium Participation Corporation and Sprott Asset Management Announce Closing Date For Arrangement

TORONTO, Ontario, July 15, 2021 – Uranium Participation Corporation (TSX: U) (“UPC”) and Sprott Asset Management LP (“Sprott Asset Management”), announced today that, following the satisfaction of the conditions to closing, UPC has filed articles of arrangement under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and a certificate of arrangement was issued in connection with the previously announced plan of arrangement involving UPC, Sprott Asset Management, the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, and 2834819 Ontario Inc. (the “Transaction”), which will close and be effective at 12:01 a.m. (Toronto time) on July 19, 2021.

Uranium Week: Approval For Uranium Investment Fund

As the uranium spot price fell marginally last week, further progress was made to list the first physical uranium fund in both Canada and the US.

Sprott’s Uranium ETF Aims to Provide Liquidity

Uranium appears to be starting to emerge from a 10-year bear market and is about to be shaken-up by the arrival of Sprott Asset Management, one of the world’s biggest physical commodity managers. John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, discusses how this new Trust will seek to attract new demand and new capital inflows into physical uranium, with a vehicle that provides greater transparency.

Transcorp Energy Plans Nigeria’s First Nuclear Power Plants

Transcorp Energy Ltd, a unit of Transnational Corp. of Nigeria Plc plans to develop nuclear power plants in the West African nation as an alternative energy source to improve access to electricity.

The Green Atom: Our Most Misunderstood Power Source

Watch video: "Nuclear power doesn’t emit carbon dioxide. It’s America’s single largest source of clean energy, responsible for 52% of the country’s carbon-free electricity. When you add up industrial accidents and the effects of pollution, nuclear is safer than coal or petroleum or natural gas. More Americans have fallen off roofs installing solar panels than have been killed by nuclear power. Nuclear power isn’t without challenges...but it could also totally reshape the way we power our economy, and it might just save the planet in the process."

Japan Restarts First Nuclear Reactor Since 2018 Amid Hurdles

Japan restarted the first nuclear reactor in more than three years, a long-awaited step forward for the nation’s utilities that are struggling to gain local support and fulfill onerous regulatory requirements.

Australia Lines Up Third Uranium Mine as Nuclear Momentum Builds

The planned restart of a mothballed uranium mine in Australia -- the world’s third-largest producer -- is a fresh sign that developers are beginning to respond to an improving demand outlook and the support of the Biden administration for zero-emissions nuclear energy. carried out by NTree International Ltd.

Global uranium output tipped for growth as spot prices tick up – report

Worldwide uranium production will recover by 3.1% to reach 51,200 tonnes in 2021 as significant mines come back online following a covid 19 hiatus, a new analysis by GlobalData shows.

Cameco 'excited' about uranium fundamentals

Cameco president and CEO Tim Gitzel said the company was “excited” about the fundamentals of uranium supply and demand as he unveiled the Saskatchewan-based company’s March quarter loss.

Video - The Bear Market for Uranium is Over

John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss Sprott's takeover of Uranium Participation Corporation (UPC) and why he believes the climate for this kind of transaction is most appropriate now.

Sprott’s move into uranium signals world is waking up to nuclear and a new ‘bull market’

Toronto-based precious metals fund manager Sprott Asset Management, already a trend-setter in precious metals, has now sent a wake-up call through the uranium space.

Uranium stocks getting a glow as Sprott flags big physical purchase

Sprott’s spot plan a strong tailwind for Boss. Plus, copper stocks show uranium peers what boom times are like as investors throw cash at them.

U.S. eyes nuclear reactor tax credit to meet climate goals -sources

The White House has signaled privately to lawmakers and stakeholders in recent weeks that it supports taxpayer subsidies to keep nuclear facilities from closing and making it harder to meet U.S. climate goals, three sources familiar with the discussions told Reuters.

Uranium Week: New Uranium Investment Vehicle

As the uranium spot price rises 2.6% for the week, an exciting development unfolds for some Canadian shareholders and the broader uranium market.

Press Release - Sprott Asset Management Enters Into Agreement With Uranium Participation Corporation to Form the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust

TORONTO, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sprott Inc. (“Sprott”) (NYSE/TSX: SII) announced today that Sprott Asset Management LP (“Sprott Asset Management”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprott has entered into a definitive agreement with Uranium Participation Corporation (“UPC”) (TSX: U) pursuant to which UPC shareholders will become unitholders of the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (the “Trust”), a newly-formed entity managed by Sprott Asset Management.


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The Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts are generally exposed to multiple risks that have been both identified and described in the Prospectus. Please refer to the Prospectus for a description of these risks. This material must be preceded or accompanied by a prospectus. For an additional copy of the prospectus please visit https://sprott.com/investment-strategies/physical-bullion-trusts/.

Sprott Asset Management LP is the investment manager to the Sprott Physical Bullion Trusts (the “Trusts”). Important information about the Trusts, including the investment objectives and strategies, purchase options, applicable management fees, and expenses, is contained in the prospectus. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. You will usually pay brokerage fees to your dealer if you purchase or sell units of the Trust on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) or the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”). If the units are purchased or sold on the TSX or the NYSE, investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying units or shares of the Trust and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation to purchase securities of the Trusts.

The risks associated with investing in a Trust depend on the securities and assets in which the Trust invests, based upon the Trust’s particular objectives. There is no assurance that any Trust will achieve its investment objective, and its net asset value, yield and investment return will fluctuate from time to time with market conditions. There is no guarantee that the full amount of your original investment in a Trust will be returned to you. The Trusts are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government deposit insurer. Please read a Trust’s prospectus before investing. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer or solicitation to anyone in the United States or in any other jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation is not authorized or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. Prospective investors who are not resident in Canada or the United States should contact their financial advisor to determine whether securities of the Funds may be lawfully sold in their jurisdiction. The information provided is general in nature and is provided with the understanding that it may not be relied upon as, nor considered to be, the rendering or tax, legal, accounting or professional advice. Readers should consult with their own accountants and/or lawyers for advice on their specific circumstances before taking any action.

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