Proxy Policy

Sprott Asset Management USA, Inc. (the “Manager”), in our capacity as the Adviser for the Sprott ETF suite, is wholly responsible for establishing, monitoring and amending the policies and procedures relating to the voting of proxies received in connection with portfolio securities held for any fund for which we are the Manager.

We will generally vote in favor of the following proxy proposals:

  • Electing and fixing number of directors
  • Appointing auditors
  • Ratifying director actions
  • Changing registered address
  • Authorizing directors to fix remuneration of auditors
  • Approving special resolutions to change the authorized capital of the company to an unlimited number of common shares without par value

We retain the discretion to depart from these polices on any particular proxy vote depending upon the facts and circumstances. We also reserve the right to abstain from voting for any reason we deem appropriate. The voting of proxies are made to uphold our responsibility, as stewards of our clients’ investments, and to engage with company management and/or board members on material business issues. We believe that doing this will further the long-term economic value of the underlying securities and is in the best interest of our clients. Where there is a conflict of interest between us as Manager or as sub-adviser and a fund (or account), the conflict will be resolved in the best interests of the fund (or account).

We utilize the services of Glass Lewis & Co. (“Glass Lewis”) to assist in voting proxies. Glass Lewis, a global governance solutions provider with expertise in proxy voting and corporate governance issues, provides research and voting recommendations, which augments our internal processes.

If applicable, we will maintain and prepare an annual proxy voting record for any fund for which we act as Manager. The proxy voting record for the annual period ending June 30 each year for each fund, where applicable, will be available free of charge to any investor upon request at any time after August 31 of that year.

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