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as of 11/13/2023



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$US3.91 Million

Notice to Shareholders: Sprott ESG Gold ETF will be liquidated on or about November 17, 2023. As of November 10, 2023, the Fund will no longer be traded on NYSE, and there will be no secondary market for Fund shares. On or about November 10, 2023, the Fund will begin the process of liquidating its portfolio and will no longer be managed in accordance with its investment objectives. Any shareholders remaining in the Fund will have their shares redeemed at net asset value on or about November 17, 2023. Click here to view the press release.



Investment Objective

Sprott ESG Gold ETF's (NYSE Arca: SESG) investment objective is to closely reflect the performance of the price of gold by holding physical gold bullion that meets certain environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards and criteria determined by Sprott Asset Management, and defined as “Sprott ESG Approved Gold”. The ETF is expected to consist primarily of fully allocated unencumbered physical gold bullion held by the Mint on behalf of the ETF as Sprott ESG Approved Gold.

SESG seeks to address the growing global demand for sustainable, transparent investment strategies that align with ESG values and investment objectives.

Key Facts

Ticker SESG (NYSE Arca)
Inception Date 7/19/2022
Fund Type Grantor Trust (Open-End ETF)
Sponsor Sprott Asset Management LP
Investment Adviser Sprott Asset Management USA, Inc.
Custodian for Bullion The Royal Canadian Mint
for Cash;
Administrator and
Transfer Agent
The Bank of New York

Fees & Expenses

Sponsor's Fee* 0.38%
as of 7/19/2022
The Sponsor’s Fee is accrued daily and paid monthly in arrears at an annualized rate.



Fact Sheet

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Press Releases

Financial Statements & Management’s Discussion and Analysis

9/30/2023 SEC filing – 10Q
9/30/2023 Third Quarter Report

Financial Reports Archive

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Financial Advisors and Individual Investors

Telephone: 888.622.1813
Email: invest@sprott.com

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Institutional Investors

Contact: Glen Williams, Managing Director, Investor and Institutional Client Relations; Head of Corporate Communications, Sprott Inc.
Telephone: 416.943.4394
Email: gwilliams@sprott.com


Contact Us

Please contact the Sprott Team at 888.622.1813 for more information, or answers to your questions. You can also email us at sesg@sprott.com.


1Based on Morningstar’s universe of listed commodity funds.

†The Trusts are closed-end funds established under the laws of the Province of Ontario in Canada. PHYS, PSLV, CEF and SPPP are available to U.S. investors by way of listings on the NYSE Arca pursuant to the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The Trusts are not registered as investment companies under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940.

††SESG is a U.S. registered exchange traded fund established pursuant to the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and is listed on the NYSE Arca.

Important Disclosures

This material must be preceded or accompanied by a prospectus. For an additional copy of the Sprott ESG Gold ETF Prospectus, please visit https://sprott.com/sesg/prospectus. An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. To obtain a Sprott ESG Gold ETF Statutory Prospectus, which contains this and other information, visit https://sprott.com/sesg/prospectus, or contact your financial professional or call 888.622.1813. Read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

There is currently no internationally accepted standard determining under what circumstances gold can be determined to be ESG. The Fund is not suitable for all investors. There are risks involved with investing in ETFs including the loss of money. The term “Sprott ESG Approved Gold” refers to gold that is physically indistinguishable from other gold but that has been sourced and produced in a manner consistent with the ESG standards and criteria used by the Sponsor (the “ESG Criteria”), which are designed to provide investors with an enhanced level of ESG scrutiny along with disclosure of the provenance of the metal sourced and include an evaluation of mining companies and mines. Mining companies and mines that meet the ESG Criteria (“Sprott ESG Approved Mining Companies” and “Sprott ESG Approved Mines”, respectively) must also comply with the Mint Responsible Sourcing Requirements.

The Fund’s investments will be concentrated in the gold industry. As a result, the Fund will be sensitive to changes in, and its performance will depend to a greater extent on, the overall condition of the gold industry. The price of gold may be affected by changes in inflation rates, interest rates, monetary policy, economic conditions, and political stability. The price of gold may fluctuate substantially over short periods of time; therefore, the Fund’s share price may be more volatile than other types of investments. In addition, they may also be significantly affected by political and economic conditions in gold producing and consuming countries, and gold production levels and costs of production.

The indicated rates of return are the historical annual compounded total returns including changes in share value and reinvestment of all distributions and do not take into account sales, redemption, distribution or operational charges or income taxes payable by any shareholder that would have reduced returns. You will usually pay brokerage fees to your dealer if you purchase or sell shares of the Trusts on the NYSE Arca, Inc. (“Arca”). If the shares are purchased or sold on Arca, investors may pay more than the current net asset value when buying shares of the Trust and may receive less than the current net asset value when selling them. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

Shares are not individually redeemable. Investors buy and sell shares of the Sprott ESG Gold ETF on a secondary market. Only market makers or “authorized participants” may trade directly with the Fund, typically in blocks of 50,000 shares. Past performance is not an indication of future results. 

Sprott Asset Management USA, Inc. is the Investment Adviser of Sprott ESG Gold ETF; Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. is the Distributor and is a registered broker-dealer and FINRA Member.

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