Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust

NYSE Arca: CEF  |  TSX: CEF.U and CEF

Sprott: Raising the Bar on precious Metals Investing

Managing precious metal investments for more than 35 years

Transformed the Central Fund of Canada in 2018

Serves over 250,000 clients and manages US$25.4 billion*

*as of 9/30/2023.

6 reasons why investors should own CEF

1 Fully Allocated

In dollar terms, each CEF unit is roughly equal to a 2/3 gold (AU) and 1/3 silver (AG) mix.
Section header Gold Gold Silver

Every 100 shares* of the Trust is equal to owning:


0.66 oz of physical gold


27.09 oz of physical silver


Bullion in the Trust is 100% allocated and unencumbered with no exceptions

Total Gold and Silver Held in the Trust*


$ 2.73 billion 1.420 million oz Gold


$ 1.33 billion 58.23 million oz Silver

*All values are approximate and based on USD spot gold and silver prices as of June 30, 2023

2 Redeemable for Metals

Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust can be redeemed for physical bullion monthly.*

The Royal Canadian Mint will facilitate the delivery of bullion bars to almost anywhere in the world via an Armored Transportation Service Carrier – and all physical redemptions are equal to 100%* of the net asset value (NAV) per unit.

* Minus redemption and delivery expenses, including the handling of the notice of redemption in the applicable bullion storage-in and -out fees. Subject to certain minimum requirements.

3 Trustworthy Storage


Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust

The Trusts’ physical gold and silver bullion assets will be custodied by the Royal Canadian Mint to minimize counterparty risk.
Established in 1908, The Royal Canadian Mint is internationally recognized – and it has no risk of bankruptcy or nationalization.
Sprott’s partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint helps to mitigate a legitimate concern about counterparty risk.

Bullion Banks

Other bullion funds, especially popular ETFs, store with bullion banks and other financial institutions.
It was shown in 2008 that even the most powerful financial institutions are not immune from insolvency.
In the event of a crisis, you may experience increased counterparty risk if your bullion is stored with a highly leveraged bank.

4 Potential Tax Advantage

For U.S. non-corporate investors who hold units for more than one year, the Trust can provide a tax advantage on gains in comparison to other forms of holding bullion.
scale_bar scale_body
15% capital gains tax 20% for higher income taxpayers
Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust
28% Most precious metals ETFs and physical coins
Typical bullion rate
U.S. non-corporate investors must fill out a timely Qualified Election Form (QEF) to take advantage of this potential difference.

5 Easy to Buy, Sell and Own

Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust trades on the NYSE Arca (CEF) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (CEF.U and CEF).

Sprott Physical Gold and Silver Trust Benefits

Highly liquid
Average volume of US$8.6 million traded per day*
Simple and convenient exposure to physical bullion
No need for investor to handle, secure or protect physical metal
*Average daily volume of US $8.6 million per day as of June 30, 2023.

Buying Physical Bullion Downsides

Inconvenient to buy and sell
Storage and insurance costs
Possibility of theft

6 A Liquid Investment

Just like stocks, units of the Trust can be sold on any open trading day for the New York Stock Exchange or Toronto Stock Exchange.
Big Bar

The proceeds from selling your Trust units are deposited to your brokerage account two business days after the trade date (T+2).

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