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A New Era: How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition

A New Era: How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition

We believe the unique supply and demand dynamics for critical minerals will underpin potential investment opportunities in the years ahead.

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The Energy Transition Depends on Critical Minerals

Critical minerals are essential for the global energy transition as we gradually phase out CO2-intensive energy sources with cleaner sources, including nuclear, solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy and greater use of electric vehicles (EVs). The reality is that these critical minerals will likely experience significant increases in demand, while developing new supplies will require enormous amounts of capital and time. We believe the unique supply and demand dynamics for critical minerals will underpin potential investment opportunities in the years ahead.

Critical Mineral Miners Poised for Growth

Supply and demand pressures should position miners for an era of sustained investment. From a bird’s-eye view, energy is transitioning away from high-carbon sources, and miners’ share of GDP (gross domestic product) production should expand in line with the share of carbon-free activity. Indeed, mining equities tend to move in line with commodity spot prices over long periods. This trend has begun to emerge post-pandemic, and we expect it to continue.



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