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SESG: Gold that Aligns with Your Values

SESG: Gold that Aligns with Your Values

Sprott ESG Gold ETF (SESG) is the world’s first ETF to exclusively source and refine gold from recognized ESG mining leaders.*

*Based on Morningstar’s universe of listed commodity funds. Data as of 6/30/2022.

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You’re considering gold as part of your investment plan. You like that gold may be a safe haven asset and may help to defend your portfolio’s wealth.

Values are important to you, especially when it comes to investing. Your investments must meet performance and diversification goals, while giving consideration to the health of the planet.

You are an investor helping to drive the growing demand for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in all asset classes, including gold. You expect investment managers to be transparent in how they incorporate ESG into their investment decision-making process.

The Sprott ESG Gold ETF (Ticker: SESG) is the world’s first Exchange Traded Fund to exclusively source and refine gold from recognized ESG mining leaders. (Based on Morningstar’s universe of listed commodity funds as of June 30, 2022.)

SESG offers an investment that provides the benefits of physical gold ownership that aligns with your ESG goals and values: Sustainability, Provenance, Conflict Free, Lower Supply Chain Risks, Trusted Refining & Storage. 

SESG only holds physical gold 100% sourced from select North American producers that we believe meet the standards for “Sprott ESG Approved Gold”. These gold producers are among some of the most sustainable and ESG-aligned mining companies in the world.

SESG is sponsored by one of the most trusted and experienced precious metals asset managers, Sprott Asset Management LP. SESG gold holdings will be refined and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), a Canadian Crown Corporation founded in 1908. Sprott ESG Approved Gold will be fabricated in segregated production runs, with no co-mingling of materials from non-approved mines or recycled sources.

SESG is a convenient way for investors to own physical gold as an ESG-aligned, core component of a diversified portfolio.

Access ESG-Gold through a liquid and transparent ETF which upholds the highest ESG standards.

SESG is designed to provide Trust, Transparency and Traceability.

Please visit to learn more or speak to your financial advisor about SESG.


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