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Sprott Global Real Estate Fund

Why Invest in Property Assets?

  • Consistent income streams
  • Potential hedge against inflation
  • Leverage to economic growth

What are Property Investments?

Property is an essential component of the global economy and includes commercial and residential real estate assets around the world.

Today’s global property investment market has been transformed by increasing adoption of REITs and REIT-like structures, as more countries seek to encourage broader public investment in commercial real estate.

What are REITs?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate. In general, REITs are required to distribute the majority of their taxable net income to investors. REITs must also adhere to certain restrictions on their operations, organization and ownership. In return, REITs do not have to pay corporate taxes on the net income and capital gains they distribute, thereby reducing their tax burden.

Property investments can be divided into the following key sectors: Office, Retail,Multi-Family Residential and Industrial. 

reit-office.jpg Office
The key driver of demand for office space across the globe is job growth. While this can lead to volatility in the sector, the long-term nature of office leases provides a mitigating factor leading to relatively stable cash flow streams coupled with upside growth potential.
reit-retail.jpg Retail
The performance of retail property assets is driven by retailer demand for space in the short term and by trends in consumer spending over the long term. Multi-year lease structures that often incorporate regular rent increases, generate relatively stable, long-term cash flow streams.
reit-residential.jpg Multi-Family Residential
The main performance drivers of these assets include employment levels, the available supply of rental housing and competition from for-sale housing. Although this sector tends to be more volatile, it can provide significant inflation protection and attractive return potential during periods of economic growth.
reit-industrial.jpg Industrial
The performance is driven by trends in consumer spending, manufacturing and import/export activity. The industrial sector is generally viewed as relatively stable and defensive, due to the long-term nature of its lease structures.



Regulatory Documents




Unit Price (NAV - Series A)

Current Price
as at January 16, 2017
Daily Change $0.00

Why REITs and Why Now? - Commentary from Dennis Mitchell


Press Release regarding Proposed Mergers and Related Investment Strategy Change, Name Changes and Sub-Advisor Change

Notice and Access Circular

Management Information Circular

Fund Details - Serie A

Fund Status Open
Distributions Return of Capital, Income and Capital Gains Distributed Monthly/Annually (if any)
Fund Code

SPR 131 - (A)
SPR 134 - (A-LL)
SPR 132 - (F)
SPR 120 - (T6)
SPR 116 - (FT6) 

Inception Date 8/4/2015
Nature of Securities Mutual Fund Trust Units
Type of Fund Real Estate Equity
Valuations Daily
Redemptions Daily
Minimum Initial Investment $1,000 
Minimum Subsequent Investment $25 
Minimum Investment Term 20 days (1.5% penalty)
Management Fee 2.00% annual - (A) 1.00% annual - (F)
Performance Fee No Performance Fee
Eligible for Registered Plans Yes
Investor Risk Tolerance Medium

Fund Codes

Series A SPR 131
Series A-LL SPR 134
Series F SPR 132
Series T6 SPR 120
Series FT6 SPR 116

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide stable monthly cash distribution and long-term total return through capital appreciation by providing exposure to the global real estate securities market. The Fund invests primarily in real estate investment trusts (“REITs”), equity-based securities of companies in the global real estate sectors (residential and commercial) and structured products that hold real estate related investments.

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