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Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund Announces Intention to Pre-Settle Forward Agreement

TORONTO, July 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sprott Asset Management LP (the "Manager") announced today changes to its lineup of funds. The Manager has determined that it is in the best interests of unitholders ("Unitholders") of the Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (TSX: SFI.UN, the "Fund"), to initiate the pre-settlement of the Forward Agreement relating to the Fund. In connection with the pre-settlement, the Manager expects the Fund will be terminated thereafter on or about September 30, 2015 (the "Termination Date") upon the liquidation of the assets of the Fund. The Manager believes that pre-settlement of the Forward Agreement will help to reduce uncertainty for Unitholders prior to the maturity in July 2016, will also compress the discount to the Net Asset Value of the Fund, and can be terminated efficiently and without tax disadvantage to Unitholders, while providing access to two alternatives, as described below.

In connection with the termination of the Fund, the Manager will commence to convert the holdings of the Fund into cash. Upon the pre-settlement of the Forward Agreement with the counterparty, Sprott SFIF Trust will also be terminated. After the liabilities of the Fund have been settled, a Unitholder will receive their proportionate share of the value of the Fund based on the number of units held on the Termination Date (the "Proceeds"). The payment to Unitholders of such Proceeds may occur in one or more tranches as the holdings of the Fund are converted into cash, but in any event the first payment shall be 95% or more of the amount due to the Unitholder. To the extent there are holdings of the Fund which may be more illiquid and require additional time to convert into cash in order to seek the maximum value for such property, the Manager will pay the proportionate Proceeds from such holdings to Unitholders as soon as practicable after disposing of the remaining holdings. Such remaining Proceeds may, at the time of payment, be more or less than the remaining 5% of the amount due to the Unitholder at the time of the initial payment of the Proceeds.

In consideration of the consequential changes to the holdings of a Unitholder of the Fund, the Manager will offer to Unitholders on the Termination Date the opportunity to use their Proceeds to invest in: (i) either of Class A, F, T and FT units of Sprott Diversified Bond Fund with a reduced management fee payable by such classes of units, or (ii) either of Class B and F units of Sprott Credit Income Opportunities Fund with a reduced management fee payable by such classes of units. Each reduction shall be for a period of six months from the date of investment. A copy of the current prospectus of the Sprott Diversified Bond Fund and a copy of the current offering memorandum of the Sprott Credit Income Opportunities Fund may be obtained from a registered investment advisor or at

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For inquiries regarding the Fund, or additional information regarding the opportunity of investing in either the Sprott Credit Income Opportunities Fund or Sprott Diversified Bond Fund, please contact the Sprott Asset Management Sales Department at (416) 943-6707 or (866) 299-9906 or

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